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Wow, an impressive review for the iDSD here: http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/0914/ifi_audio_micro_idsd_dac_headphone_amplifier.htm.  I'm not familiar with their products other than seeing them here and there. More tech than I need, but as stated, who knows what the future holds. I have to say, this doesn't seem to come up short compared to larger desktop models. Curious to read how it stands up to other models, found a nice thread here on Head-fi.


As an aside, I had read that the Dacport LX sounds a fair bit better than the regular. For some reason, removing the amp makes a good difference, according to reviews (no experience with either). For portables, I've mainly looked at the Ray Samuels products, like the Predator. Good reviews as well, but that for the Micro IDSD is one of the most positive reviews I've read (though I still have no idea what DSD is, more reading...), as are review for the CEntrance DACMini CX.



Yes, very nice products and the amp in the iFi Micro will work great with planars as well :-) I will trade in the Nano for the Micro if I run into some money for sure. 

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I could not agree with you more.  I have a HE-400 connected to a modi/magni.  Like you said the sub-bass is really nice.  But something does sound missing.  The setup just doesnt do it for me.   I am thinking about selling the HE-400 because I get almost no use out of them.  I use my RS1e for everything now.  Love pairing them my little dot i+.  I even plug these suckers directly into my ipad and even my ps4 controler. I cant believe how good they sound.  

At first listen I used the M/M combo…but then I used the Lyr after that for about 20hrs, and just missed the Grado sound. I started out with the 400i last night for about 1 hr, then I had to put my Grados on...and what a real nice difference IMO, I can't even listen to the 400i's anymore.

I'm just waiting for an RMA # from HFM.

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