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can anyone tell me what mahogany wood cups change with the grado sound?
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Listen to the RS or GS series
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i wish i could.
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Originally Posted by BelialSeraph View Post

I don't even know when we're getting them here, after a lot of delays they supposedly would've been here by Oct 1 but well y'know :tongue:

Considering the headphones you own, I'm really looking forward to your comparisons!

Can't wait myself. I will be receiving them tomorrow. 

Where are you located that there is a delay?


Originally Posted by swspiers View Post

I totally agree with the assessment of the GS1Ke's, although I went a different direction.  I would also take the 560 over the Grado's.  But I'm also thinking of saving up to join the Stax mafia....



Yeah, I saw that one coming!  Actually, I can't wait to read whether other Grado fans find the 400i's as pleasing as I do.


Was only joking, but you did make me very curious when I read your post, and then when I saw them and I figured I'll give them a shot, plus its something other than a dynamic HP. 

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Seems like Grado fans are giving Hifiman some love. At CAF, I thought the HE400i and 560 and the LCD-2 (fazor) were all pretty sweet. I'd say on the Hifiman front, that the 400i was more fun and the 560 more accurate and refined. If I just wanted something for rock/metal, the 400i is a great choice. But, with a RS1, that is already excellent in the rock/metal department, I was leaning to something that would be more of a contrast for other genres-electronic, pop, jazz, classical. Who the hell knows. I would need more listening time, anyway.

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Originally Posted by blownaway View Post


Well after going back and forth between the HE-560 and the GS1000e, the clear winner for me & my amp/dac & ears is the GS1000e.  Although the GS don’t do everything perfectly (not sure any headphone does) it comes awfully close.  The highs are airy, smooth & extended.  The all important mids are “just right” for me.  Not too forward, not too laid back, very enjoyable.  Vocals, strings, horns, snare drum, tom-toms, guitar sound “right”.  Instrument timbre is as close to perfect as I’ve heard.  As Swspiers pointed out in his review of the new e GS, listening at moderate listing levels offers a nearly perfect level of detail and perspective into the music.  Bass is ripe, taught & extended.  The GS will not go down to sub-woofer levels but is very satisfying and punchy and in no way light with my Vortuge Pure II. Sound stage is more expansive & immersive than any headphone I’ve heard to date (including the PS-1000e). The ultimate headphone demonstration disc completely illustrates this. To hear the level of detail and clarity on other headphones I compared I need to boast the volume by 30% or so.


I’m returning the HE-560 but would like to hear the PS-1000i as a comparison.  I could possibly justify both if I like the PS on at least 30% of my recording and for the right price.  




May I ask if you find the GS1000e has less overall (including bass) less distortion comparing to the HE-560? How do you find the GS1000e handle complex (i.e. many instrument playing together) music?


I recently acquired a SR325e for office listening. I like the SR325e and is now seriously considering to get a GS1000e for home listening. Thanks!

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