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The vali might be good. I used it with the sennheiser hd800 for a month and thought it matched well with that but never tried it with a grado. Not sure if it'll have the same magic with the gs1000 as it had with the hd800.

The vali may not cost much but it sounds excellent. Might be all you need for a long time.

I have to also point out that the magni for 99 is an option too if you're looking for something that should be more neutral and linear with the low impedance grados.

I'm a fan of schiit gear so I don't think you can really go wrong with them. On a selfish note, I'd like to read impressions of the new Valhalla 2 with grados. They reworked it to be a better match with low impedance phones. So, yeah, get one of those and get back to us wink.gif

I'll mostly be using the vali with my PS1000 and GR10. If you sponsor me for about €200, i'll get the valhalla 2, no problem wink.gif

Also: if i wanted "neutral" i wouldn't have chosen Grado, now would i? :P
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Be careful with the gr10 and the vali. You may hear hiss that you wouldn't hear out of a solid state amp. But aside from that potential risk, hey, go nuts. The vali is a pretty low risk purchase. It sounds good, is affordable and schiit has a decent return policy if you dislike it.
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Stacker: there's nothing to apologize or even explain, sound is a very personal thing and I think my sr60i sound a lot better than many headphones out there. Is my judgement impaired? Maybe but that doesn't change anything
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