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Originally Posted by huckfinn View Post

No: the writing that says " The Prestige Series"  and "Grado Labs"....

I handle the edges of the air chamber. I have no trouble with the Prestige Series HPs, as the lettering is actually on raised plastic molds of the letters. A bit of silver paint does well if the lettering ever fades. It's the lettering on the RS1i that has me fretting. They're not raised but silk-screened on the wood cups. Those could easily scratch off. In the end, just handle with lovin' care.


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Originally Posted by huckfinn View Post

....Does anyone know how to protect the lettering on the cans so that it doesn't rub off over time?

Don't touch them! Just kidding.

I usually pick up my headphones from the cushions while they are face down, and never pick them up by the cups. If the lettering is that bad…I had a new pair that I took an eraser to, and erased all of the lettering, so the cups were "blacked out" and they looked great IMO. 

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Originally Posted by Krutsch View Post


I do something similar with DLNA (MinimServer on a Mac Mini) --> Denon network player (DNP-720AE) --> optical to Arcam rDac --> NAD C375BEE --> Speakers.


The NAD has the integrated DAC module, but the Arcam simply blows it away for SQ, so I pulled it from the head-fi rig to use there.  I am looking hard at Sonos, because the Denon is a 1st-gen product that doesn't do gapless (unless you drive it with the remote and the 3-line OLED display) and the iOS app really, really sucks.  However, the above does handle hi-res tracks (if that matters) and does sound quite good.


Anyway, thanks!

Very cool. It's definitely a case of-"the future is now" kind of thing IMO. It's really changed the way I listen to music. I can sit down and really listen to higher end sound on my dedicated rig, listen to my Grados if I feel like it.


But, so often when I just have a few minutes, a quick work out in my basement, doing a home project, even in the morning, getting ready for work, feeding the dogs, drinking a cup of joe, the TV is on, commercial, grab my cell phone, push a button and I listen to a couple of songs from a play list, then back to the news. Ridiculous extravagance, but my dream was to have access to all my music whenever I want it in any room of the house. A giant speaker based Ipod for the house available in any room I want. Every song I own, internet radio, streaming any music service.



You can make Sonos sound good. Lossless through their better components (playbar w/ sub for example) is really decent. For anyone thinking about it-compressed mp3 files thru their connect into resolving speakers will make you want to cry. For that, you will be very tempted to add a very nice DAC-the best you can afford :mad:


The next generation will be how to make it sound truly audiophile quality good w/o having to purchase a $5k plus DAC. High  end wireless speaker sound that is affordable.....


I want it all baby!!


M'haa-ha-ha! I must rule the World, the universe,,,,


oh, ok I've got my meds now. Sorry.

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Originally Posted by markm1 View Post

<snip, snip>


I want it all baby!!


M'haa-ha-ha! I must rule the World, the universe,,,,


oh, ok I've got my meds now. Sorry.


Dude... you are two posts away from having it all :blink:

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Pure Grado bliss!
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PS500e demo cans are here!

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Originally Posted by kvtaco17 View Post

PS500e demo cans are here!


I look forward to hearing your impressions.  :popcorn:

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Me too. You folks can be further bad influences :D

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Me too!

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All I have to say is... sorry for your wallets... mine included...

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Dadgum you all! Now chop chop get on with the listening so you can enlighten the heathens :D

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man, i gone for just the first half of the day and 38 post , dayumn ! lol



oh, and my gs1000e's should be here tomorrow !

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Darn it, I'm back in this club again.  Couldn't resist the closeout deals on the i Series and I picked up a pair of 125i's.  Listening to them now and I have to say that the only pain I feel is in my wallet. 


Long live Grado. 

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For anybody that is a fan of SRV


The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble 2 cd set.....songs spanning from 1983-2002....all digitally remastered from the original recordings....33 songs in all.


I have to be honest....I have not heard this  on my 225 yet....but this set is stellar  :smile:


Just get it!

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Did anyone watch this - it's actually quite interesting.


Jonathan Grado says at the end that "what we don't produce in this building [Grado factory] is the wood, the metal and the drivers. The drivers are our design, but we just don't have the room in this building [to manufacture them]"


(p.s. not trying to start a fight with anyone!  I know it's been the subject of some debate in the past, so I thought it was good to have it on the record ...)

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