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Happy RS1s!


happy, happy !!

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Sounds like you are a real DIY person. Have you looked at the stuff Bottlehead sells? Can you, in your opinion, build an even better amp from scratch as it were? Just wondering here, sure sounds like you totally know what you are doing. I got to hear all 3 Bottlehead amps and they all sounded really great, really liked the one they call the SEX amp as it will work with both low and high imp phones and sounded real good. Only problem I would have with it is it is really quite large. Have a hard time finding a place to put it on my desk or headphone/computer table.



I wouldnt think that I could build one thats better, as I just find schematics online that use the components that I want to use and adapt it to my purposes.  I have just enough skill to follow the dots, and while its a godsend to find a pcb already made of what I'm trying to piece together, most of the time I just point to point most components anyways, or adapt a board or a piece of a board.  I have made my own pcbs....but as anyone who has will say, its very tedious, and the chemicals used arent cheap or easy to work with, but you have no choice sometimes

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Originally Posted by TheDreamthinker View Post


I depends on how warm you want the sound to be and how much bass (quantity) you want.


If you want more bass/more warmth, the SR80i

If you want more highs/less warmth, the SR225i (perceived better detail)



really? i never found the 80 to have more bass than the 225i, assuming you're using the same pads with both.


Agreed. I find the 225i's to have both more and tighter bass.

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