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2011 New Year resolutions (headphone wise)

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2011 is coming, only a couple of days


most people have resolutions for the new year, head-fiers have headphone resolutions smily_headphones1.gif



So, for 2011, which headphone(s) do you want to try?


Which headphone(s) you're thinking about letting go?


What are the plans regarding headphones, for 2011.

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Full-size plans.

Plan A: Keep enjoying DT880.

Plan B: Exchange for HD580/600/(or vintage Senn, HD540 perhaps?)

Plan C: Sell DT880 and somethin', get Ultrasone PRO 900.


Portable plans.

Plan A: Keep enjoying Coppers.

Plan B: Get MX W1. If like, sell Coppers and somethin'. If not like, return W1, return to Plan A.

Plan C: Restart listening to EW9.


Actually I never had New Year Resolutions. Maybe read more MSDS sheets before setting foot into a lab.

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Buy the TMA-1 and hopefully not spend any more money on headphones for a while.

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Get a pair of higher end Grados before I'm off to college in the upcoming fall. I'm thinking RS1s rolleyes.gif

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The plans so far:



1. HF-2 being shipped, if liked, keep them, if not, selling or trade involving RS1

2. Denon D7000, if not liked, selling or trade involving LCD-2

3. Trade or sell AKG K501, maybe try 601 and/or 701

4. Finally cure my upgradetitis with point 1 and 2



1. Decide to keep Beyers T50p or not

2. If keeping, selling the brand new TMA1 (probably keeping the Beyers)

3. Finally settle for on the go and accept it's simply not perfect

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I'm thinking of giving my HD558 to my girlfriend for good and getting a pair of Grados, although the price and posibility of commitment scare me a bit (Europe, heh..)



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I'm replacing my 11 month old SR-80s with something completely different, Beyerdynamic or Denon proboly.

Also I want to get all 150 something albums on my wish list.

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I'm going to find the ultimate headphone.

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On top of my headphone buying/trading resolutions, I hope to get my Beyer T50 recabled in Europe, and maybe try silver on the Grado's, if a reliable headfier in Europe is willing to do it

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2011 - I will sell some headphones.

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Try Grado 225 or 325, try akg 701, try beyer dt880s, and try hd650s.  I have SA5000s, but I really kinda want to see what else is out there in mid-fi/mid-price.

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Full Size -

Purchase a legitimate DAC

Work on upgrading files that I ripped in inferior formats before getting into headphones

Recable for hd595?


Portable -

Purchase Fischer Audio DBA-02

Get a better PMP


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Before I go off to college...


1.  Get a uDAC-2.


2.  Get a swan speaker set for my PC (probably m10)


3.  Buy a full-size less than $250.  Probably ultrasone pro 750

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Purchase a HD650 and a Yulong D100 by the end of the year. Planning to earn the money through working during the school holidays.

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I want to try some jh or 1964 custom demos..cuz customs just look so tempting!

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