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Koss PortaPro - $39.99 CAD + shipping (is this a deal?)

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Note: If you feel this is too long of a post, just tell me whether or not the price for Canadians is a deal or not. =D


First of all, sorry if this could be found in search, but it didn't look like it (i.e. information on the current prices for Canadians).


I'm looking to get a new set of headphones that don't need to be portable (I only posted in this forum because the main question is about the PortaPro's I suppose, maybe I should have posted in the other forum) since my Labtec Elite 840s (read: this is the extent of my headgear experience, if it matters, I thought these were great :\) broke.


Now on to the point of the creation of this thread in the first place: Normally I would take some more time to peruse the boards a hell lot more to find the right set of headphones but it is currently boxing week ("sale" price ends 12/30/2010) and I needed a quick answer. As a Canadian, is the $40 price tag (+ $15 shipping, but I'll probably buy another item to bundle with that cost) for the PortaPro's actually a deal? I have no idea how much these things normally cost for Canadians, or much of other options.


By no means do I have my heart set on these headphones, as I hinted, I have not done much research into other options yet. However, I am very short on cash (almost all the time, lol) so if this is a good deal I want to take the opportunity.


Is there perhaps a better option for me, as a Canadian? I'm looking for headphones <$100, preferably as cheap as possible, but will always shop for value over price (i.e. I'll take a set of $50 headphones that is twice as good as a set of $30 headphones).


I will be using my headphones for watching movies and listening to music. In terms of music, I experiment and listen to all sorts of it, but I guess I prefer classical (both full orchestras and solos) and piano rock. (I want those piano concertos to sound good!)


Comfort is very important for me, of the three over-the-ear headphones I've owned, 2 seem to hurt my ears after 30-60 minutes of usage

(the Labtec Elite 840s was one), the other was too tight for my head (to notice if they hurt my ears as well). I want to be able to watch 120 minutes of a movie without wanting to take them off.


These will be primarily for home use but if the PortaPro's do end up being a deal, I can see myself getting another set of cans for home use in the future and use the PortaPro's for on-the-go music listening.


To show how desperate and poor I am, I have even considered the following (knowing that they are supposed to suck):

Sony MRDXD100 @ $15
Sennheiser PC 141 @ $25


I have also considered getting a (GASP) headset (GASP). I was looking at the Plantronics Altec Lansing GameCom 367 Gaming Closed Ear Headset (DID HE SAY "GAMING HEADSET"?!) priced at $35 (that is neither a sale nor pretend sale price though), or the Sennheiser MM50 @ $40 (claimed to be a sale). Though, I was thinking of investing in a better set of headphones and getting the Zalman clip-on which I know is suggested here, but due to my hard drives being really noisy I'm not sure if that will work out too well for me.


All prices are listed in CAD. For those who don't pay attention to currencies: CAD has been closing in average at ~0.98USD or so for a while now.


Thanks in advance if you read this. =]

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Considering that PortaPro on Amazon US is 32 dollars, with some cheaper options from other vendors, I wouldn't say it's exactly a deal...I don't know if you can get goods from US with decent shipping costs when you're in Canada, but still...

Btw welcome to Head-fi.

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Haha yeah, I was aware of the low price on Amazon US, but on the Canadian one it's $69 + shipping lol. I didn't think it was really a deal in the first place, but if it was, I would have grabbed it for sure.

Thanks =D

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