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Any Reason to NOT Purchase Latest iPod Touch?

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Sure, I'd like FLAC support, but Apple Lossless or 256 AAC or MP3 files are fine with me.  I like the convenience, the screen size, and the fact that it is a sort of game platform.


I plan on using it at work with my existing earphone/IEMs and my Hornet.


I tried to find some kind of deal killer, but outside of the usual gripes (no FLAC, earbuds suck, headphone out is weak, it is expensive, Apple sux!), I can't find anything that would change my mind.


I'd like opinions on the latest iPod Touch.  I plan on going with the 32 GB version - 8 is too small, and 64 GB is a bit pricey.  Seeing as how I am coming from a 2GB 2nd generation Nano and an 8 GB iPhone, 32 GB should do the trick.

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The iPod Touch is a very good mobile device.


That said, the new Cowon D3 is looking VERY appetizing: Dedicated playback buttons, the typical Cowon quality (and you own enough headphones to appreciate that), expandable storage, FLAC-support, similar size and form factor...


It is however, not a replacement for the total package of the iPod touch. If you really care about games (I'd buy a PSP/(3)DS, in fact I have those), as well as the bazillion apps (which are admittedly very fun ans/or useful) and all that jazz, I would say you're better off with the iPod. The newest one is said to sound as good as the iPhone 3GS, which I think is quite nice (albeit not as nice as most Cowon devices) and if you're not going to power full-size headphones from the headphone-output, you should be able to enjoy it. If you want to power full-size headphones, that's what the amps in your sig are for, right?

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iPod is just fine, it all matters on your personal preferences. For example, I had iPod nano (and still have it) but I just don't like using iTunes. I just simply want to just drag-and-drop files I want to listen on my mp3 player. Also, I needed just mp3 player and nothing else. I didn't care about games, Wi-Fi etc.

If you don't need all those extras that iPod touch carries, there are also other options like Cowon, Samsung YP, HM601/602,...

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I don't find iTunes terribly annoying.  The Apple-isms that irks me the most are no FLAC and the whole Flash thing.  No FLAC isn't too bad, because there are alternatives that satisfy me.  No Flash is moderately irritating, because although I don't do much web-surfing via mobile Safari, seeing a blank box with a stupid red "x" in the corner on some sites just... well... bugs me.


Sounds like the Touch is good-to-go, and when I have the clams accumulated - by end of year - I'll head to the nearest Best Buy and make my purchase.

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I love my ipod touch.  Apple Lossless is the exact same thing as FLAC.  If you're stuck with FLAC there are apps that allow you to play it on an ipod touch.


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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Dang, that thing looks identical to a Touch!


But... Apple iz da shizzle and the moar koolest!!!  lol.


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I am waiting for Andriod media player from Cowon, Samsung or Song...

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If you care about everything the iTouch does except music, it should be no problem. Personally, I can't get anything but a Cowon, since with the BBE EQ enabled, other portable players I listen too sound weak and boring, with constrained treble and weak bass output.


+1 wait for the D3

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I just bought my girlfriend a 32GB 4th Gen iPod Touch for x-mas. I haven't had much of a chance to really play with it, but it doesn't seem much different from my 64GB 3rd Gen iPod Touch, other than the camera that's on the 4th gen. 


I personally stay with the iPod Touch instead of going with Cowon (and I have seriously thought about it), because I like the "complete package" of the iPod. Mine is jailbroken, so I have limitless access to free apps, and I also like watching movies on it.


If you're just going solely for sound quality for music, I'd consider looking elsewhere, but really, for portable use, I don't expect the best sound quality in the world. The iPod Touch w/ an LOD and my Headstage Arrow with my IEMs are more than enough to keep me happy while on the go. 


I'll try to some A/Bing between my gf's ipod touch and mine to see if there's any audible differences, but I doubt there will be. 


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Consider the new Archos 43it.  Android, Archos media apps.  Extensive codec support.


Showdown Touch vs 43.

43 review.

Touch review.



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Touch is docked and updating the iOS as I type.  Should be a fun thing.

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I am not gonna lie: for years I was an Apple/iPod hold-out. Owned many different players, some loved, some not so much. I eventually bit the bullet and got a MacBook Pro, and an iPod Classic around 2008...been very happy and content since. Self-gifted myself with a fourth-genneration iPod Touch 64G this year. Very, very happy with it. Sounding great going right into my Westone 3. Should be a great New Year!

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resistance is futile...


62535_jelanimemory1.jpg?w=510&h=536  Mini_Jobs.png

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I'm having a little TOO much fun with th video camera...





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