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Sennheiser CX300 II upgrade?

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Hey guys, I recently killed my CX300s by accident and am currently looking for an IEM upgrade from that. I've been reading through the forums and also a couple of other sites but havent been able to come up with a decision. I listen to a very wide variety of music from metal and rap to classical and acoustic songs so I would prefer an IEM that performs well all around. My budget would be around $100. So far I've looked at Etymotic MC5, Soundmagic PL-30/PL-50 and Thinksound Rain. Does anyone have other recommendations? Thanks for any help given!

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if you didnt hate the 300 then you probably want a bass heavy sound, in that case the Rains would be bettor for you than the other 2.


however the Brainwavz M2 are better

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Thank you for the advice! I've also been looking at the Brainwavz. How does the M1 compare to the M2? I'm sorely tempted to get the PL50s though. Especially since MP4nation is doing a discount on them right now but I just don't like the over the ear restriction. I think I'll probably end up with the M1 or the M2. Thanks again!

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PL-50 = just excelent but light in the lows and i think too light for you, stellar mids though.


M1 = lightish in the lows too, dry, clean and a bit trebly.  excelent value but i think again a bit light in the bass for you


M2 = big thick, rich , warm sound.  excelent bass, warm nice mids, gentle smooth treble.



the 300's are big bass monsters so be aware that most stuff rould here wil be massivly bass lighter than what you are used to.  so you really i think will be after something bass heavy and the M2 fits that bill well.  of course its not alone but its a great option

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Hearing the m1s made me lose faith in many reviewers lol. The mids and clarity have been praised, but for me they were the worst out of any iem/bud/full size Ive tried . I kept trying and trying to listen and burn in but I couldnt stand them. I have not heard the m2 but unless theres a huge difference I could not recommend them.


I currently have the mc5, and its doing okay for now until I get my se530 delivered. Responds fairly well to EQ and decent sound quality. Absolutely no wow factor for me though. Just does everything okay.


If you were happy with the cx300ii which has that boomy bass, I dont think any of the IEMs youve listed share that characteristic. When I had the panny hje900, I thought they had very nice bass. Didnt like the sound signature because it wasnt great for all types of songs for me. I experienced a mid bass hump and recessed mids. However, I could hear that it would be great for people who enjoy that sound signature. They were awesome for certain songs. Thats the one I would recommend to you if you can find it.

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Brainwavz M2 are much better than cx300ii.

when compared side by side:

-> M2 - airy, clear, bigger bass , slightly better treble, similar quality mids but slightly thin

-> cx300ii- deeper/muddy/indistinct bass, muffled(generally due to intrusion of that fat bass)/thicker/generally good mids, similar treble but a little bit more sparkle, slighly deeper soundstage.

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The M2 is a good choice. I have them and they are quite enjoyable.

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hey guys. how does the brainwavz pro alpha compare to the soundmagic pl-21?

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What about the Turbines? Their bass is rather boomy

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Turbines are also great, excellent bass for the price, overall very fun sound. The SoundMagic PL30 wouldn't be a good upgrade. MC5 is great too, but not sure if you'll like the sound (bass is lacking) especially for hip hop or rap.

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