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The upgrade bug has caught me again and I am looking for headphones after the AKG K271s (vanilla K271s)


Interested in:


Grado 325i

AKG K701/K702

Sen HD 650

Audio-Tech A900


I really enjoy the clarity of the K271s and would like to have a set that is an improvement over K271's magical mid SQ-wise. I mostly listen to Rock and Vocals but I do delve into HipHop and Rap territory.


I still do not have a real amp yet (I bought the Rosewil portable amp) but I do have a Fiio E7 coming in the mail. I've heard that the K271s is a picky phone to drive and must have that perfect synergy with an amp to actually bring out its true potential so if you think I do not need an upgrade for the cans, can you suggest some good amps? 


Might as well say this: Any chance of getting cables for the K271s? The cardas are a bit too much for my price range ;p