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Headphone Modification in the UK

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Hello all,


Maybe this is a repeated thread - i'm not sure... the fact that i couldnt find the thread probably means its not a popular thread so here goes..


I guess this comes under tweaks.


Where in the UK can you get all these Mods such as woodies etc done on Grado HP and also balancing cables jobs done ??


Answers would be great thanks...



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Nobody at all!??! surely there is a small company doing these things somewhere???

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bump againn ... come on people spill the beans.


or if there is a member of head fi who does customs based in the UK that would be just as valuable.




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I tried googling and didn't come up with anything, the only result was Headphile which you're probably aware of

Maybe try asking these guys if they know of anyone in the area because they do repairs and such:
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