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For Sale:
FS: Brand new Firestone Audio Tube Head Preamp (EU 220V) just 150 eur including free shipping!!!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm selling brand new Firestone Audio Tube Head Preamp just 159 eur including free shipping, or best offer.

This is European version.

Pay pal please.

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The Tube Head uses a single 5670 tube on the input stage which helps eliminate any trace of digital harshness and imparts a healthy dose of tube magic to the sound.

The tube head is perfectly matched with the Big Joe Power Power Amp, and is equally at home when mated to power amps costing many times more. With the auto bias adjusting hybrid circuitry there is no need to adjust the bias or try to match the tubes.

As with many of the Firestone products the Opamps are changeable allowing you to tune the sound to your particular taste.

The Tube Head is a dual-chassis, double-decker design with a separate power supply linked by an external DIN cable. On the black anodized, front panel are a volume knob, input selector switch and the cool Tube Head graphic. The rear panel features two sets of RCA inputs and one output, in/out jacks for the power supply and the on/off switch.

No cheap plastic here! The Tube Head Pre Amp is manufactured with a solid aluminum chassis and features a black anodized aluminum face plate. The volume knob is also machined from solid aluminum for a high quality look and feel. 

Tube Buffer: 1 X 5670 (2C51) vacuum tube. DC amp uses no coupling capacitors
Frequency Response: 6Hz~100Khz ,-1dB at 600 ohms loading, low noise
Power Input: 110V / 220V Switchable
Inputs 2 X RCA
Outputs 1 X RCA
Size: Size: 11cm/4.3in(L) x 8cm/3.2in(W) x 10cm/4.0in(H)
Weight: 960g / 33.8oz

Additional Features:

* Volume control internal switch for Series or Shunt (adjust to suit your taste)

* OP amplifiers exchangeable! You can tune the tone to suit your taste

* LC-1 auto bias adjusting hybrid circuitry. There is no need to adjust the bias or try to match the tubes

Tube Head Pre Amp package includes: Tube Head Pre Amp with 5670 NOS Vacuum tube installed, Power cord, Power supply DIN cable, Hex key and manual