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Ref: Sony D-15 only plays vertically


Thanks for your reply. Sounds tricky (especially with my old eyes) but I'm willing to give it a go or perhaps consider service. I guess my questions are:


1. How much are replacement motors?

2. Where can I find one?

3. Is the dissassembly realtively obvious? (I have no service manual)

4. Is the motor on a plug in ribbon or soldered?


If this is beyond me, is this some service you can offer? Possible cost?


Any other things beside the motor?


Thanks for your input.





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I got d-50mkII and d-250 yesterday - oh god ! d-465 and d-99 were simply waste of my money ! These are in completely new league ! Hard to describe how great they sound. It's like add to d-99 which is in my opinion a bit muddy on some albums (might be because of deteriorated caps - high frequencies don't pass so well, I am thinking of putting some elna silmic II because I have plenty of them) some real BOTTOM END, details and treble, treble so good as on my old vinyls, can't believe what I am hearing right now (listening to d50mkII). D-250 (d-25) is also great and has extremely powerful headphone amp - my senns hd600 are loud at about 2-3 comparing to about 8 on other players, d50mkII has powerful amp as well (I bet they could drive tesla t1 600 ohms), and this is not only loud - it's full of juice with astonishing dynamics, amazing transient, harmonics, air and bottom end, sweet god I admire these players !

I left my d50mkII with external power supply connected for night and realised the power supply is a bit warm this morning, so I guess there are some circuits kept under the steam to provide even better performance, don't know if it's just my hearing after night but I find it even faster, better controlled and coherent than yesterday !


I have an occasion to buy d-100 from my friend in great condition - I can't find any information about this model - dac, amp, spindle motor. Have you ever heard about it and about how does it sound ?


btw. about these crackling pots - don't need to disassembling, just been using it for a while and there is no hint of crackling now, they work like a charm (I know it might be temporary fix) ! Can't be more satisfied !


Thanks for all your support Kaosun !

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My aiwa xp-7 has a little distorted sound (something like in loudness war, highly compressed) via headphone out - I guess that deteriorated caps may be the issue ... Do you know which one ? Or should I replace all of them ?


The next one is aiwa xp-33 - what a great sounding unit i mint condition but I can easily hear spindle motor and servo mechanism in my headphones - do you have any idea what is wrong ? headphone amplifier not screened well ? or maybe some cap or resistor near the headphone amp ?


The last one is sylvania scd249 - nice unit, very interesting for the buck ... It skips so bad, plays fine only when on some degree - I guess spindle motor bearings ? or maybe try some pots adjusting on the board ? but cant find service manual as well

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If you handel the caps' issus, I promise the D99 can compete with D25.  My test indicates that D15 is even much better then D25.


D10 is my only recommendation in whole SONY diacman family. You have no choice but get it home if you really like these cute players.


If you're interested in the detail of them, check my old thread here:


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XP7: You have to replace all (app 30) the SMD alumium caps. I've repaired too many same cases. Be careful to keep intact all pads of these caps for any damage will make the caps hard to be fixed.


XP33: Something wrong with GND? Maybe caps but need further inspection.


SCD249: Confirmed main motor broken.  Need to be replaced. If not very rare, I  should have spare part.

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The problem seems to be related with the main motor.


The model should be SANWA FM10-T. 


Among over 100 service cases ( including D15/25, both use this kind of slim motor), none motor got your problem.


I mean basically it rarely bring problem, also, the spare part of this motor wasn't considered.


You can try whether it can be found.


Fortunatelly, I have one. But I suggest repair it by lubricating. Replacement will be last choice.


If you cannot do it, I can help.


Contact me by: yixingu76201@gmail.com

Edited by kaosun - 6/23/12 at 1:12pm
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Hi Kaosun,


I have a Aiwa XP-7 that worked well just 3 months ago, I took it out from the box and tried to use it but it won't power up.


I can see the orange light blink when I close the lid but after I pressed the Play button, the player just won't start.  I even let the player sit there for 2 days with power plugged in but that did not help.


Can you give me some ideas what I can do to power it up?  If it needs to be repaired, will you be able to do or I need to ship it back to Japan?



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I can repair it for you if you would send it to TX.


All broken capacitors should be replaced even it can power on and it's necessary to find the broken point of no response.


Contact me by: yixingu76201@gmail.com

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Hi Kaosun. I've been thinking of getting a vintage PCDP. The options I have available to me are a Technics SL-XP7 or a Sony D-99. Both are in working condition. The Technics comes with all its accessories but the Sony is on its own. Would you recommend either of them?

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The bass and treble of the XP7 are plain, so it will be more suitable for Hi-Fi. But its laser head frequently bring issues. If you'd like to buy a XP7,you'll have to consider the repair in the future.


However, the D99 carries with Mega Bass/DBB function which can improve sound effect. Although every D99 should be replaced with its all alumium capacitors, it's a reliable player after you have fixd the caps' issue. And it's cheap to find a 9V500MA power transformer.


Based on my opinions, make your own choise, good luck!

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hey kaosun do you have any info on why a technics sl-xp5 which i believe is a panasonic rebrand would have issues with skipping on an otherwise perfect cd? (literally just got the cd) The problem isnt all that bad but it does seems to infrequently happen even when the pcdp is sitting on a level unmoving surface. Also, do you know of any way to possibly wire in new batteries into the rechargeable battery pack (SH-CDB5)?

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I just got an older model Sony that skips. Is it worth repairing? Is it possible? I'm traveling so don't have the serial number with me at the moment.

Thanks in advance.
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The whole serial of SONY pcdps can be repaired right now.

If you need service, pls provide your model and issues, a quotation will be fedback.

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XL-xp5 was made by Technics now called Panasonic.

Skipping issus hardly appears on this model.

As usually, you'd better check you discs and clear laser head to see whether it improves.


Otherwise, further repair will be needed. This issus maybe caused by laser head, main motor, mechanical parts, and electrical drift.

The battery pack can be rebuilt by replacing all its cells and a few circuit modification.


If you have further questions, contact me by yixingu76201@gmail.com  Thank you!

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Congrats on your work, Kaosun! This is probably the most important thread for people who care about vintage pcdps. It is a pity tha I discovered juat now. I had seveal great SOny discmen, but got rtid of most of them. I still have some that need reapir. I will get in touch with you about it, OK?

Greetings from Brazil!

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