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Any issues related to AZ6808/19/29 can be handled now!

Feel free to ask if you're interested in it.

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i am looking for the schematics for and service manual for the philips cd10 mk2   i have the cd10   service manual but i need one for the mk2   if you know of any place that has it     it is hard to get or find please let me know or if by chance you have it i would rather appreciate it   thanks tons

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i am looking for the philips cd10mk2  service schematics   anyone have it i have the xl-r10k  and the service schematics  its a jvc made 1985 sounds excellent it is actually the technics sl-xp7 but in a jvc case    i have the unique ghetto blaster that it slides inside  called the pc-w320   i would love the service manual for this one as well  anyone have any ??

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i am looking for the cd10 mk2 service manual i have the cd10 manual but need the mk2 one please help me find it   as philips will NOT  give any info even if i pay etc  thanks a bunch    i own a jvc xl-r10k  its awsome    it was made by technics  it is the sl-xp7  jvc bought some for their unit   it fits inside a ghetto blaster   i have pics of mine i would send you but i dont know how the ghetto is awsome with the cd player i have had it 25 years and its great   DSCF4359.JPGDSCF4360.JPG very rare isnt it     

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The SM of Technics SL-XP7 is available now.


It's a reward for replying my thread.


Contact me to get it.

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I have a Denon DCP-150 I purchase new.  I haven't used it in ten years and when I tried to recently it failed to function.  The disk will turn, you can year the laser assembly moving and I have confirmed that the laser does produce a beam.  I was thinking that the capacitors were out of spec.  What do you think.  I also live in CA by the way.



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I would have a question concerning the Sony D25S. Just got one (new old stock) from ebay. While testing it (headphone line out), I realize that I could clearly hear a background noise on the left channel (especially audible at lower volume) but nothing on the right. The background noise seems to be constant, i.e. it does'nt change while cranking up the volume and becomes pratically inaudible at higher volumes. Changing headphone and CD does not make that noise disappear. The line out seem however unaffected. Any idea where it could come from and how to fix this ?
Many thanks
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If the cpas leak, their electrolyte may corrode the PCB and the other components.

Therefore, the electrolyte must be cleaned, all caps should be replaced, and the circuit parameters should be readjusted.

For many years it has been used, necessary lubrication on machine are needed, including VOL.

Also, for the special structure of the PCB installation, disassemble and reassemble shoule be much careful...

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Obviously, the problem is caused by earphone amplifier consisted by M51568.


M51569 contains a pre-amplifier after VOL and before power amplifier.


You can download a PDF datasheet of M51568 to check whether the L pre-amplifier outputs a noise when comparing to R channel.


Usually the problem will be caused by a small resistor or a SMD cap, it'll cost a little time to locate the component. If nothing found,


you'll have to consider the replacement of the M51568.  

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Hello kaosun

I fund your blogg while searching for laserunit kss221A.

I just bought an sony D-35 ( serialno.142365) portable CD player with remote RM-DM1.It has an optical output,were i like to connect my muse DAC.

The seller wrote,that is has horizontl. tracking problems-but it is not reading the Cd;s at all.

Laserunit is working- can see the red beam.

Unfortunaly i have no service manual-but i found one new SF89 laser unit in polen and bought it for 50 $.

I think ,that i need some advice for disconnection and removing the PCB.

My profession is wireless electronic specialist and i do repairments on old hifi-gear for years,but avoid the little stuff because i have no smd-equipment for service.

Can you help ?

Many thanks and best regards




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Your main motor should be replaced by a new one.


It seems that there should be something wrong with the laser SANYO SF89. Even if the main motor


cannot rotate properly, the laser can sense a disc.  You can replace the new laser to confirm the player


has recovered the disc reading. The original motor will be difficult to find since you're in Germany.


Contact me if you have any further questions.



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Hi Kaosun,

Excuse the interruption!

I have a Sony D-15, (purcahsed new for $250 if I remember) but it has a problem.


It will generally play a CD if the player is in the vertical orientation but the moment I start to bring the player horizontal, the sound stops and I can hear the motor noise increase and it appears that it is slowing down. It does continue to rotate the CD. It's almost like one of the motor poles is missing - when failing it feels 'lumpy' and has a sort of higher frequency ticking sound. When playing properly the motor note is even and quiter. It's almost like it's straining or something is slowing the motor down. The CD spins freely and I don't think anything is hitting it.


I had though about opening it up and using compressed air to see if I could dislodge something and/or try to spray a little contact cleaner into the motor. I know enough to realise that both of these operations could do more harm than good. 


The player is otherwise in excellent condition and I would love to make it fully operational.


Thanks for any wisdom you can provide.





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Not sure but maybe something wrong with the main motor.

Further inspection will be needed, basically it can be repaired.

You're wise didn't use air and cleaner to damage. If the cleaner pollutes the laser head, it dies.

Contect me if you need further service.

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I was lucky to buy a few interesting pcdps: d-465 (great player for the money+my first one, sold rpx-33, wooaudio 6se, electrocompaniet ecd-1 and sony 5400es sacd after listening to this little guy using HD600 and denon d5000 directly from headphone output, never again expensive audio), d-99 (got it yesterday - listening to it right now, great old school sound - I could compare it to my beloved arcam alpha 9 dcs ring dac, pure analog and thick sound, with great bass definition and imaging), d-250(d-25), d-50 mark II - both in like new condition (was really lucky to hunt them down), two aiwas - xp-7 and xp-33, can't wait for them (I have already bought them, waiting for the shipping).


This is really amazing these pcdps have pcm55 or pcm66 inside + headphone amps with symmetric power supplying (I guess the best is still yet to come - d-25/d-50mkII or aiwas).


I am going to use it for a long time so repair threads are really helpful ! I hope we can exchange any informations about these amazing little machines in here (dacs, caps, spindle motors, some repair tutorials etc).


I have a question, my d-99 works great. I have a cosmetic issue only - potentiometer seems to crack from MIN to 3 position (from 3 to MAX no problem), is it hard to clean/lube potentiometer in this model or any chance to buy new and replace it totally ? I haven't opened this unit so far, I am an electronic designer so some PCB working is not a problem ...


These pcdps are really worth some work - they play like there was a soul and heart of music inside, I am simply stunned.


Have you tried better external power supply ? Is this voltage extra processed on the main board by DC-DC switching or by linear regulators or maybe both ? Need to find service manuals and see some schematics.


Some photos of interiors with some comment would be much appreciated !

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There are many capacitor issues with d90 and d99.

For a durable usage, you should inspect its caps right now and better replace all SMD alminium electrolytic caps.

For they have begun to leak their eletrolyte, the PCB board will be eroded.

The potentiometer can only be lubricated after being dissambled. The lubrication is necessasy but you should be very careful.

I have all information and experience you need. Contact me if you need any.


The symmetric power supply system only appears in SONY D10/D50/D50II, PHILIPS CD10/CD10MKII,TECHNICS XP1/3/5/7,TOSHIBA P20.

For multi-stage power supply system, step-up/down/invert DC-DC conventer and linear power regular are frequently used in portable cd players for they usually use batteries as power supply. However, for desktop cd players, a transformer can generate every power voltage as long as the circuit needs. They almost never apply any DC-DC power supply circuit but linear regular.In Hi-Fi instance, the pulse noise from the DC-DC circuit will impact pure music although it's only theoritical.

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