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Hi Kaosun!


I appreciate your help here. My dad wants to start using his Sony D100 again, but cannot find the power supply. It says DC IN 9V. Can you recommend any power supply available on the internet?


Thanks in advance!

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I'm 99% sure the Sony Discman D-100 (manufactured somewhere around 86/87) uses a 9V negative tip power supply common with models from the D-5/D-50 through the D-150, D-250, D-555, D-9, D-40, and D-350.  A Sony AC-950W or AC-940A power supply will provide the proper voltage/power.  Also, a lot of Panasonic phone power supplies (the bulky grey ones) provide the proper fitting plug and voltage.  Just make sure you get one with at least 500mA max current (600mA is better) and a negative tip.  If you want to make sure, check the picture on the back of the D-100.  It should have a '+' with a line pointing to the outer ring and a '-' with a line pointing to the inner ring/dot.  This indicates the center of the plug, the tip, is negative relative to the outer portion of the barrel plug.  


I'm posting a picture of an AC-940A that I took from an eBay listing.  Make sure the diagram looks like the one on the back of the D-100. 


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Thanks a million zemonn! I just oredered a Sony AC-940A. Thanks from my dad as well – he's looking forward to power it up:)



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Hi Kaosun,


I am new to this forum, and I just sent you a PM regarding repair work on two Philips AZ6808. I really would like them to work again or have them combined into 1 proper working player. One of them I bought only this morning in mint condition in its original box, with all accesories in their original packing materials incl. the battery pack, so the laser might be just fine/brandnew.



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I'd forgotten this thread existed :regular_smile :




If anyone reading this owns a D-777 or E-905 that intermittently skips whilst playing (I mean whilst not being shaken), PM me as I know the most common cause, and associated solution, from personal experience of these wonderful players.




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Any idea if the Philips ax1101 is any good?

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Philips ax1101:


It seems the Philips ax1101 is quite new compare to other vintage cd players.


What's wong with it ?

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I'll add one drop of lubrication oil at the spindle bearing to see whether it gonna be better.

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It seems I repaired you D515 successfully by replacing DSP chip? 


Your Toshiba Xr-P22 can be repaired now. Also you can collect other two brothers: P20 and P21.


I love P20 most.

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Yep, it's a easy problem.

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Hi bro,


Your two AZ6808 have all been successfully repaired maybe last month?


How do you feel them? You like them?

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Hello, kaosun. Thank you for all the years of work you have put into vintage portable CD players and the wealth of knowledge that you have developed.

I just receive a Sony Discman D-25. The disc spins, I can skip tracks manually and it stops advancing at the correct final track based on the CD, but it does not play.

I suspect (at least) laser alignment and perhaps focusing is needed, and maybe lubrication of the laser worm gear for the sled.

Are there other problems that this particular model is known for? Things such as capacitor failure, etc.

(I also plan to try the trick of covering up the plastic window with an opaque flat, but that sounds too easy for success!).

Thank you for whatever information you can provide.
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