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The DAC that D99 uses is a 1 BIT CXD8178, is also appears in D303 (Main Broad Ver14).

The DAC that D90 uses is a 16BIT CXD1161, also D25 uses a 16BIT DAC PCM66.


I never denied that D99 has a wonderful sound; however, as I said, I I have many top models.

Personally, I used to listen like D10 or Grundig cdp50, also I believe D99 was a little chubby.


If turn off the EQ of D99, I donnot think it will be better than D25 too much. On the other hand,

the failure rate of D99 was much higher than D25 for every D99 would encounter the capacitors' issues,

while such problems never happened in D25.


Bacause the Asian version of this bulletin was so helpful to vintage PCDP lovers,we cannot recommend a high

failure rate machine like D99 to them.

Link here: http://www.jd-bbs.com/viewthread.php?tid=1621116


After all this is service bulletin, we focus more on technique rather than sound quality easimate.

If you have any technical problem, just feel free to ask.


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It's amazing how you can find me here!

What wrong with your D303, those classic issues?

Describe its symptom clearly will help me eastimate the situation.

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hello kaosun,...can you tell me : A . the types  B . the value (voltage), of all - surface mount capacitors and especially - headphones line capacitors on sony d 250,  sony d 350,  sony d 303. ?  These discmans are now some 20 years old and capacitors slowly deteriorate, they need changing. I have to find the same or equivalent capacitors.  Also, do you by any chance know the same types and values of capacitors for sony d 202,  sony d 211, sony d 321/330, sony d 515 ? any help will be very appreciated.   s.

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part 2....also types of - optical pick up assembly/laser units and -  spindle motor/motor assembly units in above mentioned sony players.    thanks.    s.

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I had diskman Sony D20,I lost it;

but recently I had good luck to find brand new SonyDNE 920,which looks similar to D20 - it is much more easy to use.

You do not list it,my item is brand new,I hope,that I will not need technical help.Have you heard about it?

It is not such a vintage item - 2005?It is mechanical device but on single AA6 it plays and plays  for days,unlike my Clip+ which needs attention every day.

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Tim from California, your Denon DCP-150 has been successfully repaired and sent back to you in the morning of 2nd August.

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I hope you can use a vintage cd player for vintage players have more earphone output power, it can

easier drive your earphone, make the earphone sound better. A Sony D100 with a modified battery base,

can provide 10 hours continuous playback time. Intermittent playback will be more longer. Later cd players like

NE920 carriy with more EQ and MP3 functions, all of this cannot change the fact that they lack of enough output power to drive your earphone, because they use lower battery voltage, less working current.


So I prefer to talk about those vintage models which have better sound and simple function.

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I possess all technical information you want.


D250: basically never appears any cap issue. The earphone output caps are 100uf/6.3v Nichicon, neednt to replace after repairing over 100 D25/250.

D350: you must replace 2 key caps: 1 100uf/6.3v blue ELNA in power supply circuit, 1 100uf/6.3v blue ELNA in servo circuit,near earphone AMP.

         Over 90% D35/350 should replace the spindle motors to fix the problem of horizontal position skipping track. Moters model: Mabuchi RF410.

D303: you must replace 3 key caps: 1 servo circuit of CXA1272 100uf/6.3v Panasonic SMD, 2 100uf/6.3v Panasonic SMD in secondary power supply circuit.

         Over 90% D303 should replace the spindle motors to fix the problem of horizontal position skipping track. Moters model: Mabuchi RF410.


D211 330 515 need replace lots of SMD caps on the print board. The disassembly of the SMD caps must use hot air equipments in order to keep the intergrality of  the  pads.  515 use same moter as D35/303, should be replaced.


Edited by kaosun - 8/5/11 at 11:09am
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hello kaosun, another query,. ..is the optical pick up for sony d 303, d 350, d 515 : sf-89 the same as : sf-89s ? If it is not the same, can sf-89s be used to replace sf-89 ? Also do you happen to know any supplier that sells the whole - optical pick up assembly and motor assembly for d 303,, d 350, d 515 ? I think there are some distributors in China but the contact is not easy. And the last personal question, could you do a reconditioning, capacitors replacement and some repair of these sony discmans ? I am somewhat desperate to recondition my discmans so that they continue to live another 20 years.. my email : sszorin@gmail.com . P.S. What type of music do you listen to ? Do you want to try Emmylou Harris ?

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Hi kaosun!  Great thread you have here.  Very informative.  Hope you don't mind if I ask a question:  Any idea if the spindle motor in the Sony D-9 is the same as the spindle motor in the D-15?  My D-15 motor died, and I'd like to take one from my D-9 if possible.

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The motor of D15 is totally different from that of D9. D15 motor is much thinner than D9 motor although their spindles have same diameter.

Based on my experience, the D15 motor rarely got problem, among 200 D15/25 I've ever repaired, only 1 got little problem and later was fixed.

So I doubt whether you have a correct judgement.

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a vintage pcdp lover.


well, got some questions.


the headphones out of my d555 isn't working anymore, which caps do i need?

one of my philips 6829 doesn't read the disk, i think it's because of not using it for years, how to solve?

which differences are there between the 6829 and dcp-150, sonically? which one you prefer.


last but not least, are you also into classic cd-players?

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The original caps used in D555 are two Chemicon 100uf/6V caps.  You can replace them by same brand caps with same capacity.

Furthermore, there is a same cap in the power circuit, you'll have to replace all of them and clean the board. Otherwise the leaked liquid of the caps will damage your printboard.

However, most fans asked me to replace the broken caps with better audio caps like Elna SilmicII 100uf/6.3v,they can improve sound evidently.


D555 is much premium than AZ6829, for its perfect cosmetic and circuit design. But D555 has a feeble sound, personally I prefer AZ6829 for its strong sound although it sounds a little rough.

Do you mean table vintage? Because it's difficult to delivery, basically I rarely repair them.


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thanx for answering about the 555. time to repair my 555.


another problem with my philips 6829 and also some sony pcdp's, 311 and 303.

after not using them for years, the laser don't read the cd. so, the cd starts spinning, but after a while it stops. how to solve this one?


do you have the denon dcp 150, what is the difference between the 150 and 6829?

vintage, i mean the classic pcdp's.



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For the case of D311, you should replace all its SMD aluminium caps, about 20 pieces.

D303, you'll have to replace 2 100UF6V SMD aluminiun caps near battery room.

You can try replacing them at first. If it doesnt work, find me for more help.

Denon 150 has a more superior DAC AD1868 than 6829. Therefore, 150 will have a more precise and excellent sound than 6829.

I only concentrate on the vintage PCDPs on the list I mentioned in my first thread here.

You can get all technical support from above listed PCDPs.

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