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I recently dropped my Sony D-NF420 from three feet ,from the countertop to the ceramic floor.After looking it over for cracks,there were none, but the motor would not spin the disc but at displays still show and the radio tuner still works.

Could I send my player to you for repair ? As I have found that there is not a way to spend money to buy another. And I am currently going over my 4000 cd collection to move them over to my classic iPod. Please help me to repair my valued cd player. Give me the mailing address to send out my player. fatcalvin1@juno.com.

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Yep, it's time for you to replace its the spindle motor. Model: Rf410 made by Mabuchi.

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For 555, the most popular problem is low earphone output.

For not reading any discs, a normal inspection is needed to confirm what should be replaced.

The worst is laser broken. If you can find a KSS220 laser, just replace it.

If you open it, be sure not touch the aged gears, they'll break into pieces. It'll be expensive.

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If the laser dies, it ends. I've never seen the laser for retail. The model maybe KSS365?

If you'll open it, be sure you won't ruin the flexible carbon.

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SONY D5,,Sure, I can try.


Contact me by yixingu76201@gmail.com

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Saw it before. It has nice bass!

Cannot recall its DAC, sorry about that!

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Maybe something wrong with the laser? Get one same laser for replacement.

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Use a stick hold the door switch and press play. If the reading problem still exists, you can send it here for further inspection.

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Sorry I'm just back here.

My qq is 26865005.

Your file has been sent.

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Do you have the service manual for a Sony Discman D-303 that you could email me?

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I purchased a SONY D-35 off fleebay.  I began having problems with it playing CD's while laying flat.  I decided to replace the motor as sugested on page 2.  However the closest thing I could find was [DC1V-2.5V Motor Mabuchi RF-410CA Mini Micro Cassette e1].  It appears the same however the shaft is shorter.  The original motors bearings seemed fine to me.  I just assumed that perhaps there were some minute play in the shaft that I couldn't notice that affected the tracking. 


With the unit apart I inspected the actuator system.  I noticed there was a disturbing amount of play (About 1/16" or 1.5mm, maybe more) in the leadscrew.  I decided to remove the leadscrew and shove a piece of plastic in the hole, opposite to the gears.  The leadscrew is now nice and firm with the gear pressing up against the metal guard.


The CD player is now working better than any disk-man I've owned. I'm now thinking that the problem was with the actuator.  It appeared as if it were freshly lubed.  That may have steadied the leadscrew, temporarily fixing the problem.  I should not have tossed the original motor.


Do you think this motor may cause damage to the cd player? Is that normal for the leadscrew to have that much play?  I couldn't attribute it to where and tear.  I would think perhaps there was a part missing.


Thank you for helping us out!

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