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Question about Sony Discman D-311 problem.  My D-311 was working fine, but it is no longer reading discs.  If I operate the unit with the lid open (by depressing the lid switch with a screwdriver) I can see that the CD is actually spinning backwards (counter-clockwise).  Any idea what would cause the disc to spin backwards and how I could remedy?


thanks in advance

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hi Kaisun,
I got a z555 sony discman which cant read any disc. it power up, search for seconds then off. what are the problems.? I am very happy if you can answer my question. best regards.
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I've had two d-555 units (one d-555 and one d-z555) that had similar issues reading the disc. I was able I fix the issue by cleaning and lubricating the drive screw for the laser assembly. You will need to take off the bottom plate at least. I can't recall if you need to disassemble any further to clean the screw. I clean the brass drive screw using isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab and then use a small amount of thin lithium grease to lubricate. You may have to physically turn the screw drive (carefully) in order to reach all the way around it while cleaning and lubing it.
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thanks for your advice, my z555 just reborn by replacing laser pickup,the repair man told me it can last for about 2 years. anyway, i am enjoying the beautiful music from the z555. thanks you
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Hello Kaosun,


I have a D-5 which I've been owning from 1997 onwards. It played well until a week ago when the CD stopped spinning. The buttons and display work fine.  Its not had any major falls or bangs. I have an external battery pack which requires batteries I dont need in the house, so I have never used it that way. The adapter which I use with it, is Sony's own 9V with correct polarity. I dont not feel any signs of it giving away the last time I used it (maybe a month ago).


Hope you can help me out. Thank You!

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Goodwill find. Sanyo cdp-55 "1bit Dac" any info?

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I have a D-E905, its sound is pretty good, the problem is that I put the cd into the discman and the CD spins but in 10 seconds the cd stop, on the remote control says "No disc". What is the solution? 


Thanks a lot.

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It is very likely that your optical pickup block has been brokendown.

The disc spinning backward means that the FOK signal is good but the data on the disc can not be read out.

You need a new kss-350a laser head, which is very rare, very hard to find.

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I want more detail about your CDP. Keep the cover lip open, use something to short the 2 switches on the bottom-left of the upper panel. Then power it up. Press the play key. Tell me what happen to the laser head?

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Thanks for your fast answer.
When I push play buttom the laser Head only down. Usually in other CD player the laser Head Up and down, Up and down. But this player doesn't do that.

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OK, I C!

It's probably that the servo ic chip broke down! You may need to get it replaced!

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If I have change the chip, I think that I'm going to look other D-e905, because I'm not a professional xD.


Thank you so much for your help

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 I have a Sony D-335 that i got off of ebay recently and it worked fairly well. the only issue i had was that you had to tape the lid tight to get it to play, but aside from that, a gem.


But the other day it just would not work. I'd push play, the number 00 and the orange background would light up, and then a couple of seconds then shut down. Any advice, tips would be greatly appreciated!

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