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Electronic Components in Canada

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Hello All,


I was thinking of building a cmoy or a mini max as well as a few other electronic/audio projects. I live in Canada and I am searching for the best place to buy parts. 


Is there a place that accepts paypal? I have a new visa debit card which I got from CIBC but visa debit cards are new here so they have been having issues where they don't work some times on certain sites. (Mostly Netflix)



Cheapest place to get parts in Canada? (with or without paypal)

Is there a place like monoprice.com that sells cheap 3.5mm Jacks or interconnects?

Any thing I should know before I head into the cmoy project?


Thanks in Advance!


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Digikey: http://digikey.ca

Mouser: http://ca.mouser.com

Newark: http://canada.newark.com


All three will have cheap 3.5mm connectors and cables. Digikey has the best shipping rate to Canada at $8 flat. Newark has slightly better prices, but shipping can be unpredictable. You may not even find out how much the shipping cost will be until after it has shipped. Usually it's about $15 per package, but if they decide they need two boxes to fit everything in, that's $30.


Digikey, Mouser, and Newark handle the brokerage and duties themselves. If you use any other supplier based in the US, be prepared to pay extra for brokerage fees and import taxes on orders over $20. This can be a lot when using UPS or FedEx.



Parts Connexion: http://www.partsconnexion.com/

This is based in Canada.  They have lots of boutique parts. And they take PayPal, as well as credit cards.


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Take Five Audio has been listed around here but I have never ordered from them

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Take Five Audio is super awesome.. I've ordered from them many times and shipping is always too fast to believe! Always reasonable too. When I need nice RCA connectors or sockets and the like thats where I go.


Partsconnexion would run me 50000000$ easy, they have too much stuff I want.

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Canics - Electronics components supplier: http://www.canics.com/


This company is in the Montreal area and it ships. They sell all kind of electronic parts you can imagine.


Hope it helps !

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Here is one in Vanc. They do take paypal and have been around forever. Local so little known but excellent prices. http://www.leeselectronic.com/index.php I have bought there for 20 years.

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I've been using digikey and partsconnexion. Digikey for their reasonable shipping rates and partsconnexion for the boutique stuff like capacitors, tubes and tube sockets. Though partsconnexion has high normal prices, I only buy from them when they're having a sale for whatever I need. For example, this month they're offering 20% off every film capacitors. My trick is I subscribe to their newsletter when I'm planning a project, and place an order when they have a sale that can save me a significant amount. But then you have to unsubscribe, or else your wallet will hate you.


Partsconnexion has outstanding consumer services. They reply to every emails and will go to great length to make your transaction a positive experience. 


Just don't buy their HAKKO products - They're fakes.

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