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Sennheiser 228 or 238?

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I've been looking for good high quality portable headphones for my iPod and chose to go with Sennheiser. But I'm stuck between Sennheiser's HD 228 model or 238 model. The 228 have a closed back for better noise isolation and the 238 have a open back. Which sounds better? The open or closed backs. I'm willing to give up isolation for quality. I also that on Amazon the 238's are significantly cheaper than the 228's. 





EDIT: Right now, I'm using Sony Studio Monitor MDR v150 (you know, the cheap $20 ones?). These sound alright, but they arent too comfortable and have a huge cable. Im debating whether I should bother buying new ones or just sticking with these.

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238 by a huge margin. Open, better soundstage, good bass.

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X2 on HD 238. Sound-wise, they offer a more detailed sound with good bass. 

If you need more isolation, the HD 228 make for a good choice.

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