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For Sale: FS: Twisted Cables Custom LOD (LNIB Condition)

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For Sale:
FS: Twisted Cables Custom LOD (LNIB Condition)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I am moving to a desktop balanced system so I no longer need this LOD. It is approximately 3 months old and in perfect condition. I had it custom made by Qusp over at Twisted Cables and I could not be happier with the end result. His micro-LOD's are unique because, rather than cutting holes and using hot-glue in a small plastic connector, he epoxy molds the connector, not only making it extremely small and durable, but also very professional looking.


This particular LOD is designed for use with DIYmods/iMods/WhipMods, although it can be used with any iDevice without harm. The wire used is Cryo-parts TWspc (silver-plated copper). I find the sound has more warmth than my DIY SCSCag LOD and I much prefer it. It also house 2 x 47uF blackgate nx hi-q capacitors which are renowned for their sound quality.



I am looking for 110 shipped CONUS OBO. I am willing to ship international as well. Feel free to PM me with any questions



***I am also selling an Arrow 2G and ATH-M50s***




Thanks for looking!

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Can't wait!

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