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AKG K240 looking for amp help

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Hey all  I have the AKG K240 MKII and Im looking for an amp, was looking at the

iBasso D2+BOA: http://www.ibasso.com/en/products/show.asp?ID=42


iBasso D10 Cobra: http://www.ibasso.com/en/products/show.asp?ID=39


so my question/s is/are:

Would the D2 be good enough?

Would there be a need to get D10 and spend the extra amount?

And if so, for the D10, is it worth it for my headset?


looking at around ~250-USD max, as I will be importing to the RSA



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bump ¬_¬

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Any of iBasso's offerings should be more than adequate. The D4 should also be up for consideration.


If you don't need the dac functionality, then you can consider the T3/T4 or P4.

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Awesome thanks Armaegis :) just order'd my D2+BOA, will need a dac as i'll be using it with my pc and cleaner sound card for stereo applications until I get my asus xonar D1 sound card.(current onboard is a piece kak)

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im also looking for a amp with more gain then my current ATH 10 ( little  plastic unit using 1 AAA from audio technica) the ibasso D4 looks like a good choice, i like being able to use standered battries and rechargeables. can anyone tell me if it's git enought juice to run 2 55ohm phones ( AKG k 240 Mk2 and the classic 240s ) using Y splitters?

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The Nuforce Icon Mobile has two headphone outputs if you're looking for that. It's really tricky to get matching outputs though, even if they have the same impedance. Using Y splitters can work, but typically only when splitting line signals, not amplified ones (since you are now presenting an uneven load to the internal amplifier... which isn't a terrible thing, but not the greatest either).


For the cost of a D4, you could get 2 smaller amps and run a splitter from your source into the amps separately.

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the nu force was the first amp i tried out at the dealer, it cost twice as much as my current Audio Technica and did not sound noticeably better nor did it have more gain. i don't want to buy two mediocre amps when i can buy one good one since i would usually be powering just one phone. i am more concerned about the amps ability to drive one phone well, including the harder to drive ones as i might decide to get a AKG 702 some day.


I'm looking at the D4 cuz i hear it has a pretty good DAC section with dual wolfson 8740. and I'm currently living in Asia so I'm close to the source, D4 would only cost me 170 US. just a tad more then the  NU FORCE unit here which sells for 140 US. then there's the battery issue. the problem is that no dealer stocks the D4 cuz apparently everyone here sees devices that use 9v as obsolete, which i think is nonsense since i can still use rechargeable 9v batteries. and being able to use standered batteries can come in handy when I'm out and about.


so if i want the D4 i would have to order it from the seller with out getting to try it out.


has anyone here ever tried the D4 with AKG K 240 MK II ? or perhaps even tried driving two of these things? or using it to drive a single AKG 701 / 702 / 601 / 602 ?


I'm a very good solderer (solderer...is that a word? )and can make my own splitter complete with potentiometers. or will that not work?

would i still encounter load issues if the two phones are identical?


what about the meier audio CORDA SSX ? i had a chance to hear the STEP DANCE through my own phones and cables and i loved it, very powerfull too for a portable unit. just way out of my price range at 430 US. im willing to buy my DAC as a separate unit later if that means i can get a better sounding amp at the same price as the D4

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In that case the D4 would be a good choice for you.

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The D10 and D2+ and D4 are supposed to handle anything from 8~300 ohms resistance so even putting twice the load, EG; 2x55ohm headphones will bring the load up to 110 ohms respectively but I think its depends on how the splitter is wired whether in parallel or series as well as it most probably chew battery up on high volumes that's my theory.

Basic explanation of ohms, higher the number the higher you have to turn the volume knob to get your amplification needs.

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What about the Pico?

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The pico will do just fine, but is also much more expensive.

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never had the pleasure to hear the PICO, no one seems to stock it here, it`s a bit out of my price range. i think it`s more then 400US yes?


the splitters would be parallel. never tried series. can you do that with out interference?


i don't think ohms on paired phones and speakers can the calculated that way, since the ohms here are referring to impedance ( how difficult it is to reverse the current ) and not straight up resistance. besides, numbers published are "nominal" (in name only). some 55ohm phones are harder to push then others...IMO


in parallel the Ohms presented to the amp should drop if the Volt remains constant (in the perfect world of math : impedance = voltage over current) according to "Ohms law" as there is now more paths for the current, however the demand for total current increases (Amperes) and if that exceeds the ability of a solid state amp it will give up it's smoke and die. :(


if I'm wrong about this someone please correct me.


this is why I'm looking for someone with first hand experience using an D4 and AKG phones. if I'm asking in the wrong place or if this has already been discussed please point me in the right direction.

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bottom line : i need something that's portable, robust (not plastic), with plenty of gain and good enough sound to match the AKG K240 Mk II. also not more then 250 US and no bigger then a pack of cigs as i will mostly (90 %) use it on the go.


DAC is a plus since my lap top sound card sucks big time. i may be willing to spend a little more for something that will accommodate future addition of an AKG k702 or something of that price range.

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imho, D10 maybe with a better DACS in it, but I'll report back when I get my D2+, I also plan to get K702's eventually when I get the cash too, D10 and D2+ are damn tiny (for what they do) I paid around $199 + shipping, still waiting on tracking number though...
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what's the difference between the D2 and the D2 plus? the D10 is getting to be pretty long and i don't need the optical / coaxial / SPDIF stuff, i like to keep my devices simple. do you currently have a D10? if so why are you switching to the D2 plus?

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