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Excellent price.

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Wow, I need to become a European.

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I'll swap with ya wink.gif


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Wow, I need to become a European.


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Another great deal (IMO): Final Audio Design FI-BA-A1 for £150 from iheadphones UK.


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... yes I've come to prefer the A1's sound quality over both Ortofons by a slight margin. Throw in their easier and more comfortable fit and they're undoubtedly worth a recommendation.


On the other hand the Ortofons have slightly better isolation and cords that don't stiffen that much in cold weather, so ultimately it depends upon one's preferences, as usual.


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For the UK Headfi'ers


20% off all headphones/earphones at curry's/pcworld if you select home delivery. Discount is applied at checkout

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Originally Posted by yliu View Post

You can't even get Westone in Europe (at least I haven't found a seller). 90% of the better headphones and earphones are all Sennheiser or AKG (ok, less than that)! Other brands like Grado, UE, Shure etc. are rare and most of them sells at MRSP or higher.

but things seems to get better here where I live, since more brands seems to come in.


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the HD25 Adidas originals is going for 199euros @ and if you have their VIPix loyalty card you'll get 14euros discount & free delivery.


does anybody know any brick&mortar shop which sells LOD,amp,DAC in paris?

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Radiopaq custom Jazz in Amazon UK for 10 GBP

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Good thread. Subscribed.

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thread necro ;)

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This thread should be moved to the Headphones (full-size) section, where the US deals thread is located.

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And we need more Deals!

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UE700 for €50 from Amazon Germany.

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