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I've not followed prices much since the new range was announced but this seems a good clearance deal on the HiFiMan HE-400s (£215+ postage):




They also had the HE-500s (down to £395) but looks like they've sold out.

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Originally Posted by Carlosfandango View Post

He focussed on my comments about the box too.

He completely, as you did too, ignored my comments about marks and earwax on the flanges and missing parts.

So just to rebalance, i didn't let a battered box make me think they were used, i did check them and then realised they were indeed used.

I think sending them in the post badly protected gives him all the reason he needs to claim 'the package was damaged in the post but is actually brand new'

I'm calling BS.

It's ebay and as a beginner seller and if he is serious about starting a business. He will accept a return or an exchange to avoid a bad comment.

good luck. 

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Onkyo ES-HF300 for 99€ at amazon.de not the biggest deal ever but few pennies can be spared...

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I'm against those kind of products on principle, I'm not going to be free walking advertisement for anybody.

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Originally Posted by eugenius View Post

I'm against those kind of products on principle, I'm not going to be free walking advertisement for anybody.


I agree with you but I think that in the case of "Ferrari", they don't need that much of advertisement.

If it was a "Starbucks" or "Doctor Oetker" version,  that would be different :D

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They don't need it my ass. They have thousands of people lemmings walking their logo on the streets for free. AND they probably get money for it. No thanks!

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Originally Posted by oxygen1 View Post

But it's the usual price of them, isn't it?

oops sorry. In holland these are quite expensive. At least the T350 is. sorry about the T150.

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Philips SHO9207(The Crash) prices:








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I know right! Was tracking them for months until finally shopped for IE80 so dont really need another IEMs atm, hope someone will take advantage of this.

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