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Originally Posted by moriez View Post


Wooooot! Freaking awesome? The comfort of the internet goes a long way :D 


But I notice that sometime they don't show the right price so it's not as reliable as looking on Amazon yourself. 

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Lol, not so awesome. Thanks for the heads-up.

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Normally it's fine though so I still think it's pretty useful.

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2-pack Pioneer SE-MJ502-K for 24.95 + shipping on the dutch ibood.
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Yamaha MT220 for 120€ on

Bought one couple of days ago few euros more...

Very few feedback here but few members seem to appreciate them a lot, so let's try!



Kef M500 for 230€ on

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The UE6000 sale is over, but looks like UE4000 is now discounted, at least on I don't know how they compare to 6000, but in any case they're going for 39eur.

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dutch ibood has a duopack Fischer Audio Eterna's for 45€

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anyone bouht eterna and want to split teh pack?

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Aiaoai Capital for €35 + shipping on today...
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Senn HD700 for 379€ on a french website (cobrason) with the coupon "20EUR"

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Nice! They also have the T1 for 650 EUR. What kind of reputation has this website got?

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T1 is not available anymore

reputation is good, there are physical shops in Paris

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