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my wallet would probably thank you if you didnt tell me, but where is the "main deals" thread? thank you! 

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Warning: Play counts headphones as electronics adn they dont ship it to non uk addresses. So any deals there won;t work for people in rest of EU.


Any nice deals on Meelecs or Nuforce?

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didnt mymemory have the red Q-Jays going for about £80?

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Some seller on Amazon UK has the Koss UR55 for 20 pounds! I would love to snatch these but unfortunately they ship only within the UK triportsad.gif

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-15% off the Beyerdynamic official store with your next item (valid till end of the month) with the coupon code at the end of this page:

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Originally Posted by vrln View Post

The only place in the EU selling Westone I´ve found is this:

Seller is an official Westone (Variphone) distributor for Poland, can ship EU.

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@vrln It seems that the 239 Eur SE530PTH deal at Pixmania is now gone. Glad i got mine. How are you liking them ?

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Originally Posted by piotrus-g View Post

Seller is an official Westone (Variphone) distributor for Poland, can ship EU.

Hi Piotrus,


This is a nice shop I bought from them a few times and the servie was really good.


P.S. Nice to see fellow head-fier fro the same country.

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For some great deals the new products are not all there is. The used markets for audio gear are just as interesting if you ask around and know what to look for. Besides headphones I am also referring to amplifiers, receivers, turntables, speakers etcetera. Some rare audio gear sometimes emerges...

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This is just an incredible steal of a deal. Anyone want a go at a M11+ for 15€?


Its the famous meelec M what deals. And they have just discounted the price to 15€!!


PS not sure if shipping is free out of the netherlands.


Anyway the store is wellknown for its excellent service and such.


BTW I am not affiliated with the store. But i like the stuff they are selling and also the service they want to provide.


Edit: Got my order in. 2v M9s....with the black cable. Was hoping for a different model at least so i can try out the difference.(thought meelec  always gave different models when doing multiple orders?)

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Gernan liveshopping site is selling the AKG 601 for EUR 129 today. Not the most phenomenal deal ever, but what the heck:

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Originally Posted by Proglover View Post

Originally Posted by Deep Funk View Post

HD25-1 II, basic edition for 145 euros on music store professional which is fair...


K701 for 215 euros which is fair too, same website...


K601 for 149 euros with headphone bag, same website...


Thing is, I am eying either a K141 Monitor (old school 600 ohms) or some other rare oldies. That K601 is priced very attractively I must admit.

Check this: 


Same as above, prices are steady for months now


K240's for 95 euros (studio) or 122 (MK II)

very fast delivery

I picked up the HD25's from Very good service and fast, free delivery (orders over €100). I ordered on Wednesday and had the cans on Friday afternoon, from Germany to the Netherlands by UPS, so I was quite impressed.

post #43 of 1490 probably the last in the world brand new Rio Karma. ~200 Euro

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I´ve been trying to find decent EU deals, but not many to be found lately! There was some discussion on these forums that some online stores have started selling the HD 800 for around 850 euros though. Anyone know where exactly?

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