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Cool, I think I'll order a Clou red and the Grado adaptor then, thanks!
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I just ordered a clou blue cable from's yahoo store. they also have their new web site up. can't wait to hear 'em!
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Thanks Todd and bring the dog and pony show to sweet home Chicago!!

I ordered my Reds yesterday from Headroom, can't wait to get them Monday and my t-shirt! Thanks again to Todd for his patience and his knowledge. Keep up the great work!

Let's all say a prayer for Todd's Detroit Tigers!

Regards - reynman
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I, forever wanting that little piece of sonic perfection would like to know...

Am I missing out THAT much with just standard cables on the 580s? I only got them today, so its not like i'm fed up with the sound... but... if there is THAT much improvement... I wanna get a set

At THIS moment in time, i can hear NOTHING wrong with the standard cable, no buzzing, no apparent loss of extension etc... or, is it a case of I don't know what i'm missing because I haven't heard it?
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Well, I just got my blue Clou cable broken in and ... (In his best Christopher Walken impersonation): Wow! Wowowow! The bass is extended, the highs are smoother...I think I may have just achieved..nirvana, that is. My system as it stands: Pioneer DVDL-919/Rega Planet (pre-millenial version), Hosa digital cables, MSB Tech Link DAC III w/upsampling and HDCD, Audio Valve RKV Mk II/III (it still says II, but my dealer says it was a III, and it doesn't pop when I turn it on, so I believe him), constantly changing cables (alright, so there's still one definitive piece) -- but I stand by my Kimber Kable PBJ's for now -- and Senn HD600's w/Blue Clou Cable. I can probably upgrade something, but I can't afford to.

Now, I understand the thing about paranoia, so I may get the Red...but, just to repeat the question -- is there _any_ difference?
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ross (who has both the red and the blue) e-mailed me saying that there's little difference between the two sonically. that's why i ordered the blue. you have to weigh whether your "paranoia" is worth the extra $30. i'm sure either one would be an improvement.
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