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clou red jaspis

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I am ai_god
Right before headwize went down I got the cloud red jaspis for my HD600's and I have been dying to tell you guys about it. First of all it has been one of the biggest improvements to the sound yet. The highs are smoother and more extended, the mids are more dynamic yet just as warm and liquid as before, and the bass is WAY more extended. I wasn't expecting an increase in bass because many posters mentioned that the bass recieved no benefit, well on my system the bass has been increased greatly. I actually get good bass now with the xcanv2 in my current set up. The only problems I had with the cable were it's size and stiffness, it is along the lines of a coaxial cable for cable television in size and flexibility. However that is relly a minor complaint when placed next to it's stunning performance. I am really impressed with this cable, it is worth every penny!! Highly Recommended!!
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Yeah, I like them too. Sonic improvements were noticeable for me, but apparently not as much as for you and some others who've also had fantastic results (system synergy differences is my guess).

You're right about the stiffness though. And don't usually care much about how a component looks, but that red -- well, it's soooo red !

Anyway, I'm thinking of selling mine.
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Hey Jude,

If you are going to sell them, please let me be the first to know about it.
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Since now I'm using Sennheiser, could you tell me the website for the cable? I cannot find the info through the suspended Headwize forum.
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The Clou website is right here. You can order them online through headroom's yahoo store.

I'm in agreement w/ TAFKA ai_god, from my initial listening, a big veil over everything has been lifted. Just got them yesterday, so they should be finished burning-in by the time I get home tonight. Can't wait to hear the final result!
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Regarding burn in of the clou red jaspis I have been listening for days now and I seem to have noticed a slow increase in openness. Also, the sound seems to have become less and less fatiguing overall even after the initial decrease in fatiguedness. I almost feel like a madman saying this considering the reputation of "cable burn-in" but it's something I feel happened. The reduction in fatigue is not due to rolled of highs or lows it is due to the higher level of accuracy that the signal is transported to the drivers with.

With the original cable that came with the headphones I noticed what almost seemed like a buzzing sensation at higher frequencies. I noticed it ALOT and ONLY with my sennhiesers. It wasnt ultra annoying but it was definately there. With the clou red jaspis this weirdness in the upper frequencies has dissappeared.
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Is it worth getting the red jaspis for the HD580s? Is it even possible?

- pearle
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I have the Blue version, and I'm one of those that lauded the vast improvments from the midrange on up, but found no benefit in the bass.

If you've already sprung for the 600s, treat yourself to this cable, it's the most dramatic change I've ever experienced from a cable upgrade. Remember that the level of improvement is relative to the difefrences that a cable change can make-- this is small to some, and big to others.

Don't bother with this if you listen to a portable or MP3s. If you don't have a good source to begin with, no cable is going to help.

headwize refugee
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It's definitely possible, as I'm using the Clous w/ my 580s at this very moment. I think it's worth it.

My cables haven't finished burning-in yet because apparently the power went out while I was at work, thus interrupting the repeat play.
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Jude, if you like the Red Clou, why are you thinking of selling it?

Pearle, it is quite possible to use the Red Jaspis with the Sennhsier 580s. I use a red Clou with my 600s, and the blue one with my 580s, and there is a definite improvement. I prefer the 580s over the 600s, and the clou cables are equally effective on both headphones.
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Originally posted by Ross
Jude, if you like the Red Clou, why are you thinking of selling it?

First of all, glad to see you here! Been waiting for you to show up, man.

Regarding the Clou: Yes, I like it. But it's just far too stiff and a bit heavy for my liking. It's a comfort thing. Stiff interconnects are okay with me because I don't have to wear them hanging off my head.
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Could some one post pictures if it's not to much trouble. I've been seriously considering these for a while, yet haven't seen them. Is the cable like the one on the SR-80s in thick ness/stiffness?
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Go to the General forum and look for the thread I started about my headphone rig pictures. You'll see the Clou Red Jaspis in those pics.

It's similar to the Grado cables in thickness (maybe slightly thicker or slightly thinner), but it's quite a bit stiffer. The Clou Reds are triple-shielded (not sure the configuration of the shielding), and maybe that has something to do with it.
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blue vs red


You said that you own both the red and blue sets of clou cables... I was wondering if there is a noticable difference in flexiblity between the red and blue versions, since the blue has one less layer of shielding. I ask because I am often times in an environment where I need the cord to be fairly managable and I'm afraid that the red cable will be too stiff for me to use.

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I have been thinking about getting these cables for my 600's.

If I do get them, I'll leaning towards the Red version.

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