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Worth it to upgrade?

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Hello all, I have been reading Head-Fi for months now and finally have something to post about! I have a pair of M-Audio AV40s and I kind of want something more, I was considering the Audioengine P4s because I recently bought a Hk 3390 and it is able to power two speakers. I just don't know if its really that much of an upgrade from the AV40s or if I should just save my money for something more.



If i should get something else, besides the Audioengine P4s, what, and why. My current price range is 200-300. But if my AV40s are just as good as the P4s than I would rather buy HD650s or something. Im very indecisive about all this, so any help would be appreciated


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I'd say probably not. Audioengine's pc speakers are really good (price/performance); I had the A5 and still have the A2, but it might be not much of an upgrade to the AV40s. (imo)

if you don't mind buying used, Audiogon is a great place to get the best value for your money; with a budget of say $500 you might find a real nice pair of speakers that will outperform the P4s by long, and will reward you with listening pleasure for many years, and get your money worth. if possible visit as many hi-fi shop as you can, just to get an idea of different speaker's sound. placing speakers on stands instead of desks is also recommended.


once you find your choice of speakers, and your wallet is fat again, consider upgrading your source as well; whether is the dac or soundcard, etc, source is very important and can drastically change sound, especially if your speakers are revealing. ymmv


buying a pair of  HD650s is also a good choice - it depends what you want - but additional components might be required, such as HP amplifier to hear them full potential. ymmv


personally if I had to choose between upgrading to the P4s or the HD650s I'd choose the HD650s. ymmv

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what about getting something like the energy rc-10s with a sub woofer, would that be a substantial upgrade from the av-40s?

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