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Thanks for replies Im trying to keep my budget under 2 grand for amp & cd player.


Audiolab 8200a inter 1200-1400 cd player s/hand 799 3year old or 1200 new (can get a 8000a old interamp for 400 with year warranty)


Quad Elite stuff is on special 999 for inter amp, CDP with preamp 1300 CDS 900


Cambridge 851A bargain at 1400 (new) retail 2500 , 851CD player s/hand 900 (this is class XD what ever that means)


also been reading about Creek EVO 50a 1300new 


in all honestly i have been trying to find class A amps cant find any when i googled to get prices in Australia.

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So I've been listening to the F1J/HE-6 combo a whole lot the last few weeks and loving it. I'm just using the SYS pre-amp at the moment as a stop-gap but I've ordered another passive to try and will probably give an active a shot in the very near future too. The detail is freaky, and on the better recorded stuff it pretty much always sounds like I'm in the recording studio. Honestly though even badly recorded music sounds great (the only exceptions are remedied by just plugging in my LCD-2/3s instead)


My only issue is this: with some recordings, I find myself missing the excessive treble energy of the EF-6. For a lot of my stuff it was just way too much, but a few of my favorite albums tend to the treble-deficient side of things and I got almost a "high" off of that extra treble. I find myself spending about 80% of my time using the HE-6 over my other headphones so I don't mind owning multiple amps just for it (though the F1J plays really nice with my Audeze cans as well) just so I can have every part of the spectrum covered. 


I'm tempted to just... go back to the EF-6, but everyone in here seems to think it's really subpar for the money so... what other options are there? I kind of feel like it's a really delicate balance though because there's a certain point where things quickly go from "Ok this is too bright for most of my stuff but it really brings out this album" to just sounding super thin and grating on everything. I'm still scarred by a few of the $200-300 Hifiman IEMs I got a while back (before I got to over-ears... believe it or not this expensive little trip I've taken over the last few months was originally just going to be me "upgrading my earbuds to use at work") that were extremely bright.

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