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Originally Posted by preproman View Post

The LCD-2.2 - yuk.  No, just kidding - but it was not a favorite of mine at all.  The EF-6 is not an amp you want to do long listening sessions with, you might feel like you just came from the dentist office getting a root canal.  


Seriously:  going to some audio store in Austin is going to be one of the best thing to do.  Take along one of these: You might can get a fast turn around time at BTG, not sure what is work load is these days:  http://www.btg-audio.com/   forget about Norne, it takes about a month or so to get your cable - However, he would have been my first choice.




You live in the states correct.  OK well Reno Hi fi has one of the best in home trail and return polices around and Mark is a great guy to deal with - he will answer all your question.  Oh by the way - he sell speaker amps :biggrin:  For the price of the EF-6 Mark could hook you up with something way better.  His stuff is mostly used, demos or refurbished but comes with a three year warranty.  http://renohifi.com/FirstUsed/FirstUsedInStock.htm


Also there's AudioGon for a better verity, but I have not idea about returns there.

What kind of cable is that, I can't find one that looks like it exactly at BTG?


Is the above all that is needed to plug into a speaker amp? Is there anything else I need to be aware of when trying to run it off speaker amp?

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Just email hims picture of the cable - he'll make it for you.  I'm guessing you have the stock cable that came with the HE-6 - correct?  The question is did yours come with the 4 pin XLR male cable?  If so then yeah that's the kind of cable you want.


Will you be carrying a DAC with you?  Does it have volume control?  If not, I guess the audio store will hook you up with some kind of DAC and preamp.  

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Originally Posted by NoxNoctum View Post

Ok so being somewhat impatient and on a timelimit (return period-wise) I just went ahead and ordered an EF-6 1 day-shipping off Amazon even though I've read some less than stellar reviews on here. It was the amp that seemed to meet the power requirement that I could get to my house the quickest... I also had come across a review that suggested it was on the "lusher" side of things when paired with the HE-6 which sounded good to me.

First impressions are: the detail is seriously mindboggling. I have the LCD-X right next to it and while its detail is already really impressive (to me at least -- I'm a total newbie), the HE-6 seems to take it some other plane entirely. If I close my eyes I am IN the room with the musicians. There is also an intensity to the music that I really dig.

My only criticism is that the HE-6 seems lacking in soundstage compared to the X. Instrument separation seems better on the HE-6 however. With the HE-6 I have more of a feeling of being in the room with the musicians than the X, but the placement of everything is more of a blur around me. I should add that the excessive brightness and "thinness" that I had with the Mjolnir is not there anymore. It's still a bit too much on the bright side for me with some stuff (i.e. black metal) but that's not a problem since I have the LCD2 for that smily_headphones1.gif. It's actually bit of a strange effect, on these recordings it almost feels like the excessive brightness makes things "muddier". 

I think I'm probably going to walk away from this little journey with 2 headphones and 2 amps. I've already found a great pairing for my LCD2.2, now I'm just trying to decide for on something for classical and other music that the LCD2 doesn't do as well. I may order a HD800 to compare with the X and HE-6. (once I get my money back for a returned Mjolnir and a few other things...)

I am going to Austin to visit my sister in a few weeks, so if I decide to keep the HE-6 rather than the X I'll probably return the EF-6 and try my luck at the many music/audio stores in Austin. I figure I can always order the EF-6 again off Amazon and keep it if I don't find something I like more.500

Just a couple of short comments.

If you use the Sophia Electric Magik Box between the source and the EF-6, all the brightness will be gone and the soundstage will improve. It is sacrilegious to me, however, to use $2,500 crutches to support a $1,600 amp!

Finally, be careful with Amazon. If they detect a pattern of frequent returns of expensive items with no apparent good reason--just because you don't like it won't cut it--they will suspend your return privilege or close your account all together.
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Yes the HE-6 came with a 4-pin. I'll be taking at least my Bifrost with me since it's fairly portable. I've only run it from my desktop though, what would I need to run it off say a CD player? I may be able to borrow a laptop but there's no guarantee atm.

@Justin_Time Thanks for the suggestion but I'm afraid a second $2500 piece of gear is outside my budget.

I hope Amazon is somewhat lenient since I order CDs from them near constantly and have kept some of the high priced items (Lyr) I've purchased and will now almost certainly keep the HE6 if I can have some assurance that I can tame the treble with the right amp.

I shot an email to BTG audio for the cable. Hopefully I can get it before the trip.

EDIT: I am definitely going to be keeping the HE-6 over the X. I like the X but the 6 offers a much more different experience than my LCD-2 so it makes more sense to keep it. Orchestral music is just incredible. I've listening to Roll Tide right now (just off of spotify) and it's stunning how engrossing the music is. There is also this really cool quality where it feels like the music is projecting from some black void. Hard to describe but it's a very magical feeling. I don't think I'm going to bother trying out the HD800 for now (emphasis on the "for now"), I don't see how it could beat this, plus from my reading the HD800 has more brightness issues which I'm sensitive to.
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Ok so I'm trying to read through this entire thread before heading to Austin in 2 weeks and I see a lot of people mentioning using some kind of adaptor when using some speaker amps. Can anyone tell me what kind of adaptor I need exactly? I'm just trying to make sure I have absolutely everything before the trip.
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Not needed if you're going with a Solid State amp.  If you want to go the tube amp route then resisters or resisters in a box like the HiFiMan box.

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Well I'd like to try both types out so I'd better get this I suppose.


Ok so I'm looking at the screenshots of the Hifiman box... http://hifiman.com/Products/?pid=104


So would I need to get two cables from Brian to use the above?... assuming I'm thinking how this works correctly: HE-6 4 pin male cable > into female 4 pin w/ banana end > resistor box > male 4 pin cable w/ banana end > amp

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