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LOL! I get very afraid seeing so many tubes being used, for fear of needing to replace them sooner or late..

Any links or pointers as to where one can get such an amp built? Pictures, please! biggrin.gif
Check my review out..its in my signature..u will find there everything u need to answer ur questions..WITH picsies biggrin.gif
..i have to update it as its now fully burned in..took a while..but since 1 month i dont hear any improvements anymore..sound signature is stabile now...only the new powercables i got two weeks ago improved the sound a bit..but they need a very long time to burn in also i understand..and the sound impact is not high enough..but u never know after burn in time..

but the makers can make u all u long u pay for it..but what i hear now through my CODE-X now is really beautiful... wink.gif
.but i would say..try it out urself..check them out on a audio shows..they attend attend those a lot and then u can try them out urself...they are situated in canada..but they go to shows all over america i understand...have fun reading my review tongue.gif
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