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For Sale or Trade: SONY MDR-V6 + DT250 pads

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For Sale or Trade:
SONY MDR-V6 + DT250 pads

Will Trade For: full size cans, amplifcation
Will Ship To: CONUS

I've got a pair of Sony MDR-V6 which I purchased from B&H about six months ago which I'm interested in trading.


I'm awful at taking pictures, so I prepared a short video.


For those who can't see the video: These are Sony MDR-V6es with Beyerdynamic DT250 pads on, original pads are included but the inner seam has started to come apart on one of them. Still usable, and will be included anyway. The original leather (probably not real) bag is included, there is a scuff on the side that doesn't say SONY. Original box is gone, but I do have the manual and warranty card. Don't 


Will likely only ship within the USA, unless there is a very tempting trade from somewhere else. 


Not looking for anything specific.. I wouldn't trade for any IEMs but any full size can or amp would be considered. 


I don't have any feedback here, but I've purchased some stuff from Audiogon with positive results, not sure how to link to my profile over there though! 

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Got a sale price in mind? I don't have anything for trade!

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Replied, still available!`

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Bumpity bump


Forgot to mention that I have the original screw-on 3.5 to 6.35mm adapter and it will be shipped along with the headphones.

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Although I don't have anything to trade, would it be possible to get a price you'd sell them at?

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