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Hello all. I've been reading through many articles here about fake Sennheiser CX-300 IIs. I bought mine for 4980yen (approx. $50) from a store called "Biccamera" in Japan. This is very trustworthy company, and it's all around Japan, from top to very bottom (I'm not Japanese, btw.) I've read about how to see if the earphone are fake or genuine, and I was sure that these were genuine. However, since I'm no expert, I would like to ask some of you to tell me if these are genuine. This is the CX-300, not CX-300 II, so it was a little bit different.


Experience: It's fairly superior compared to Apple's earbuds or ATH-CK300M. More Bass, Louder (?) compared to ATH-300M.
Notice: There is a distinct angle for the plastic which holds the in-ear silicon bud. The "S" logo on the pouch is matte-shiny, but when I flip it inside out, the stitches are very detailed.


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