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For Trade: FT: Beyerdynamic DT990 Premium

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For Trade:
FT: Beyerdynamic DT990 Premium

Will Trade For: Anything (firstly open cans, and then closed ones)
Will Ship To: Anywhere

For trade I have a beyerdynamic DT990 premium (250 Ohm) in great condition.


I am looking for different kind of headphones, so you can always offer what you have.

I'll even add money or let you add money to make a deal.

I am interested in open headphones firstly, easiness to drive is a plus, but whatever will be considered, just shoot me PMs.

Looking for:

Sennheiser HD 595, HD 600, HD 650, PC 360

Beyerdynamic DT880 (250 or 600 ohm) or DT990 (600 ohm)

AKG k240 II, k601, k701

Audio technica ad900


I don't remember more cans, but if you have something else don't hesitate to make suggestions.

The perfect cans would be an open can that can do Well with the astro mixamp (70 mw at 32 ohm), but that scales with a better amp, because I want this to use listening to music out of my home rig, or when playing using the astro mixamp that is not very powerful, but is more powerful than portable players.


Like I said before I am looking at those, but if you have a good set of closed cans, I will consider too.


If you are in the US make your offers too, I will try to manage shipping from US.

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Pictures added

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