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Beyer DT880/600 on a medium-range solid state?

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I think I'm finally looking at picking up a set of beyer dt-880s, and not having the ability to audition either, I keep going back and forth on choosing the 250ohm vs 600ohm versions. I want to go 600, but I'm worried about my setup.


Thing is, I've got a fairly nice SS amp that isn't likely to get replaced in the near term. It's a Perreaux SHX-1. Not very common now, but it was the flavor of the month when I first found head-fi, and it's served me quite well for a number of years.


I've heard various people say that the 600s are no more difficult to drive than the 250s (I assume the 600s have better effeciency), and I'm aware that ohm rating is not the end-all be-all of ease to drive, but I still worry because it already takes about 3 o'clock on the perreaux's volume knob to drive my Senn HD-650s decently, and they're "only" 300ohm.


Seeing as it is not the most widespread amp in the world, and it's been out of production for a few years, information on it is not that easy to find, but according to this review, it's manufacturer spec'd to push about 160mwatts continuous into 300ohm, and actual performance tests show it pushing more like 200mwatts into 300ohm. Unless my decades-old high school electronics knowledge is failing me, I should expect it to be able to push about 100mwatts into 600ohm.


Does anybody have any similar setups (SS amp with the 600ohm DT-880s) where they know what their amp is putting out? Should I expect 100mwatts to do the 600ohm models justice?

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Somebody out there has to actually know the specs on their amp and have some experience with the DT-880 600ohm (yes I know my thread subject is typo'd). They're not exactly uncommon headphones.

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if you buy them from HeadRoom you can always return them if it doesn't work out.

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Hmm, I was looking at the Fiio E9 tonight for my wife, and by sheer coincidence, it appears to have the exact same power specs as my Perreaux, 80 mW into 600ohms. From what I've read of the Fiio e9, it has no problem driving 600ohm Beyer cans, so I guess that answers my question. I think  it will in fact be the DT880 600s I order.


On a side note, it does kind of sadden me that I can get an E9 for $130 now that's comparable to the $300 I dropped on my amp 6 or 7 years ago.

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