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Ok, it's my turn now, and I need some guidance. Full sized HPs for "on the go".

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Hi there. The time has come for me to get "decent" headphones, and I need your help. I've done research for days now, read dozens of threads here, but I still cannot decide.

Here is some data about my needs and what I'm looking for.

Objective: Almost exclusively for Music. To wear outside, on the street, in the bus, train, anywhere I go.

Source: Unamped. Portable players exclusively. At the moment, iPhone 3GS.

Comfort: Important, got big head and ears. Leaning towards circumaural.

Music: Jpop, Kpop.. Pop. Bit of indie/alt-Rock like Paramore and Metric. Fan of vocal trance. Also slow, melodic Music. While I like Trance, I care most about vocals, mids and highs. Bass isnt a big deal for me. When in the mood, I listen to pretty much everything.

Portability: The only thing that worries me in this regard is Cable lenght. I personally don't know if you can walk around with 3m of cable hanging of you. I'd feel more comfortable with the standard 1,2-1,5m cable. You might know better about the 3m issue. I also read some HPs you can change the cable.

Soundstage: Large, if possible.

Location: Germany.

Headphones that I've come across:

1. Sennheiser HD25 II: Supra Aural? Good size, cable lenght right, supposed to sound good.

2. Audio Technica M50: FOTM headphone. Cable lenght maybe too long?

3. Shure srh-750dj: Supposed to sound good, but maybe too bassy for my taste.

4. Sennheiser (hd558 or others): While this is one of my favourite brands, the headphones in this Category are "Open", I think that wouldn't be the best for using outside.

5. AKG k240 mk2: Read some good Reviews; really don't know.

6. Beats by Dr. Dre: I heard these and they sounded awesome. No, just kidding.

7. Shure srh-840: Something inside me tells me this is the right choice, but I don't wanna make any mistakes. I read on these you can change the cord?

That's it for now, I hope you can help me decide. If needed, i'll edit the post. Took me long to type with the iPhone, pc is on rma.

Thanks, and Merry Christmas.
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I've heard some people suggest the ATH ESW9's for that type of music.  I haven't had an opportunity to try, but I wonder if anyone here can advise you on those.  They do look nice, at least.  I just wonder if the sound is as nice as they look.

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I use my sennheiser hd 438s for outside I like them. They come with a 1.2m detachable cable and a 3m cable also sound very nice.A little cheaper then those listed but still very nice.

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I'd go for the ATH M-50. If you're worried too much about the cable length I believe the SRH 840 has a coiled cable.


Both are studio monitors and should do well for your music genres. 

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Still looking for experienced help/opinions.
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M50 with coiled cable is what  you are looking for. Built like a tank, but not too heavy, great sound and should cost more than they do. They sound very good from my iphone4. They are not FOTM. They have been around and popular for two years and will continue to be until another manufacturer decides to challenge them.

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