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Well its been a while since I was here and things have changed since my Senn 497s died on me :(


Anyway I am back in the game. I just hit the purchase button on the DT235 with a Sansa Clip+,  and a PA2v2 amp from Gary. From all of my research, I hope this combo lives up to my expectations. I don't want price no object sound quality.... cant afford it, but I like quality sound. I hear the DT235s described as basically neutral, not lacking much, and the PA2v2 as warm, with a punchy bass. If that is the case, then it is a good match for me and I hope the synergy is what I expect.


Anyway it should be a step up from the bass heavy monsters I have now, JBL rebranded AKG phones, so I think all is well. Too bad I will have to wait until maybe the new year to get my stuff. but once I do, I will update this thread and post my impressions on the setup.


In the mean time, anyone who has the Beyers  in a similar setup please feel free to chime in and let me know your thoughts.