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Headphones that are = or better then ES7

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Hello Head-fi, I am quite new in the audiophile community. Currently looking for some headphones that can catch my interest. My current rig are, Headphone : ATH-ES7, Earphone : Fisher Audio Genesis, soundmagic PL-50, Denon c452, Player : Samsung Yp-Q2, Cowon J3, AMP : Go-vibe martini, Corda XXS


I have been using the ES7 for quite sometime and was very satisfied with the SQ. I did found threads that are similar to this current thead, but could not find any suitable answer or solution to my problems. In anycase, I have tried, M50, Grado Sr60, 80, shure 440 and ESW9. Other then grado sr80 which offers the closest to my needs, the rest isn't my cup of tea. So I was hopping that some experts could offer some assist in my quest.


These are the keys i am looking for:


Clarity - More on the vocal/diaphragm

Bass - punchy but NOT deep bass.

Mids - I love mids so looking for something that is nice.

High - a good level of high could be nice too.

Open/Close - Doesn't matter

Budget - Best if its from $100 - $150 (worst to worst $200)


Music preferences (Most listened to) - Classical>Jpop>blues>jazz (about the same amount of Classical and Jpops)


I do use headphones to game too....


Replies will be most appreciated. Thank you.

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bumps....for help......

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Do you prefer a big or small soundstage?


Seems as though you like audio technica sound sig. Have you tried the AD700 or AD900?

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I prefer a more natural soundstage. If were to choose between big or small preference, I would say small. I have tried the AD700 and AD900, dont really like the sound of the vocal. It feels as if the "singer is singing infront of a wall". Currently have leads on the denon 1100, some grados (and the Alessandro MS-1) and akgs.

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still in need for help....bumps......

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need some professional advices.....so far i filter my choices to AKG k142HD and Denon D1100. Both have their key points, pros and cons....

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I know it might be out of your budget but the Denon D2000 have really good SQ, far better than ES7s. I know this because I just upgraded from my old ES7s and when you pair it with a  half decent amp, pure audio bliss....

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why not look at the Fostex T50rp? sounds like it's right up your alley, supposedly sounds just amazing with classical and such. Can be had for under 70.

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i would go the ATH-ES10

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