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I'm also curious as to what the price of the 95 will be.

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Hmm knowing oppo's awesome prices / factory direct... I am betting $899 for some reason. Will see.

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I am very curious to know how the Oppo 93 sounds as a musical server, playing wav. by the ethernet or esata inputs, with a very good external Dac. The comparison with a pc with Audio GD DI or Firestone Bravo would be very interesting.

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Just received my 93 :) Cannot wait to play with it tonight. Looks beautiful for sure / very well built! And WOW this thing has substance to it. About twice as heavy as I imagined it being.

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Initial impressions


- Packaging was beyond excellent as my last oppo player the 981 was


- The BDP93 itself is built amazingly well. ROCK solid feel, nice and heavy black anodized / brushed aluminum faceplate. What feels like a textured black powdercoated top, rather than the painted black steel on most units. Rear connections are all gold plated and very nice in quality. Also the unit is surprisingly heavy. Feels like they used a thicker gauge steel in the chassis than other blu-ray players I have messed with.


- They include a 6 foot HDMI cable which is great! But the power cord is 3'??? Did not even reach my power supply, had to grab a 6' cable out of the shop


- The remote looked decent... LOOKED. For one, the rw, ff and skip buttons stick if you push them down all the way! They hang up on the plastic and you have to move them to get them to pop back up... UGH...  The remote lights up! Woohoo! The problem is it lights up AMBER :( About the ugliest color they could have chosen. Since the remote is just that... a remote, I will probably open it up and swap in some blue leds. I bought a 3 year warranty as I plan to use this unit for at least that long so not opening it :)


- Oppo has a 6 step easy setup which was just that, EASY. Anyone short of a 5 year old can set this unit up to function right away. Of course, the more advanced options are available in the setup menu and are all easy as pie to work with. Will work more with them once all of my new cables arrive later this week. My old AVR330 Harman Kardon receiver does not have HDMI in so I will be doing 8 channel analogue. For now, just using optical / PCM and logic 7 processing which is... well it works anyways.


- Was able to set it up on my wifi quickly and without issue. They included an extension cable for the wireless N antenna which was nice! The antenna looks like a USB flash stick and it plugs into a heavy base. Nice touch.


- Set netflix up as easy as the wifi, no problems at all. The Netflix interface is like that of the Wii. Basically it sucks compared to that of the interface on the xbox 360. However, I can live with it knowing the xbox is sucking north of 160W of electricity and the oppo is sucking around 35w!!! I am very picky on energy usage so... yeah.


- Picture quality is GREAT! Bluray load times are FAST. Much better than I expected. I wish I still had my PS3 to do A/B comparisons but as of this moment, I feel the picture surpasses the PS3 but it may just be emotion as I really like this unit so far. Watching Star Trek on it right now and have ZERO complaints video wise.



That is all I have done with the unit so far, Will post pics in a bit and more thoughts on the unit are to come. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase other than being really annoyed with the remote.

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Some photos of the unit :) What comes in the box




Crap remote, cables, wifi antenna and so forth come in this box.



Just look how sexy this sleek unit is :)



Back panel shot


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Well after owning the remote for less than a day, I was so sick of the hideous amber, Had to do something! Here it was stock.. All amber / yellowish ugly.



After I modified the unit, a nice soothing / modern blue color :) Now I can stand to look at it, just cannot stand the buttons getting stuck.


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Originally Posted by Garage1217 View Post

Hmm knowing oppo's awesome prices / factory direct... I am betting $899 for some reason. Will see.

Not sure if this is accurate or not, but I saw two difference references to the price of the BDP-95 as being $979.


Based on that, given I listen to my Mac Mini/DAC combination 90% of the time as opposed to CD's, personally, I just couldn't justify the additional price difference to pull the trigger on the 95. Instead, I decided to go with the BDP-93 (which is already very good for CD playback) and put the money I saved towards the Audio-GD NFB-8 (on order.) Although, I expect the BDP-95 to be pretty amazing in terms of audio quality.


The BDP-93 is very well built - it's no comparison to some of their older models like the DV-981HD in terms of build quality. Even the video playback is nothing short of superb (even the 3D playback worked perfectly with my Samsung TV.)

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how about the sound of BDP-93's analog out? did you guys do any comparisons? how does it stack up?

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I will be testing the analogue late this week when all of my new cabling comes in. I have an older receiver / non HDMI that has 8 channel direct in so I will be going that route as I have no reason to change receivers yet :) Still love my older HK AVR-330!

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Analogue out works AWESOME! Movies are totally insane running true 7.1! The built in crossover and time alignment features work great as well. I found a bug with the crossover / sub in 2 channel mode but after a power cycle all is working properly so that was the only issue.


So far this unit ROCKS! It does everything I wanted it to do. About the only thing I have not tried is streaming media over wireless. I run all media content off the USB drive and have had no problems with the current firmware "original firmware had a quick where mp3's or flac files would suddenly go all alvin and the chipmunks, as in the music would speed up haha. But the current firmware fixed it.


In short, I cannot recommend this player enough! Was WELL worth the money without question!

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