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refurbishing GMP 25 II "PMB 25 II" 1970's (MB Peerless)

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Hi, I was treasure hunting through the basement of my deceased grandparents and found... well decent headphones made in Germany.


PMB 25 II 1970's (MB Peerless)




They look quite OK, the Cables (loose contacts) and Ear-Pads (vaporised while touching them) need to be replaced though.

Here a pic without the pads which I removed after initial testing (had to shower afterwards)




I did a quick listening check (hence the loose connection) and... they still sound great.

They actually sound like modern Sennheiser and very ~spacious....




Sadly no Ortho-Drivers... which PMB apparently used to build back in the days

(they need to be cleaned...)




horrible Cable is horrible...




The Ear-Pads are attached just like K240's (sadly the K240 pads don't fit, they are to big) frown.gif






So back to the Topic:


Has anyone of you ever had the~pleasure to replace some PMB 25 II or similar Ear-Pads?

I've been looking for a replacement the last week but haven't been able to find any decent pads.


The diameter of the outer plastic mounting (previous pic) is 8.5cm (3.35 inches),

the diameter of the outer smaller plastic circle is 7.5cm (2.95 inches)



Maestro is... more or less what's left of Pearless or PMB, so I guess it is the first spot to look for replacements...

but I guess none of 'em fit.

I checked several  headphones which I saw in a store today but didn't find any.


Do you guys have a clue where to find fitting ear pads?

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My GMP 8.35 are 10 cm on the outer plastic, your best choice is to ask GMP if they have the pads for you. If not you add/mod 1.50 cm second ring to get to 10 cm to total.

BTW, the PMB 25ll looks similar to the MB Quart 45/55, QP240/250.

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Thank you for your reply.

I guess I'll bother 'em via phone.


If they don't have suitable pads, I guess I'll just have to look through budget headphones in every store to buy for their spare parts...

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Originally Posted by roBernd View Post

Thank you for your reply.

I guess I'll bother 'em via phone.


If they don't have suitable pads, I guess I'll just have to look through budget headphones in every store to buy for their spare parts...


Some of the AKG, and Beyer pads will fit too, same patent but you'll need to check out the diameter.

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Thanks to those advices I mailed Maestro and Beyer.


Both replied and it turned out, both of 'em had fitting pads... but

the Beyerdynamics were the better choice, I hate rubber-ish pads.





It felt silly to just order pads, so I got a cable as well.


Okay, go!




and obviously...




dying foam is dying... had to be replaced. If you touch this stuff it evaporates like hell




had to be replaced




so I did, also... lol white.




I just love it when spare parts fit perfectly




function-check after the soldering process




glue didn't help fixing this broken part... so I had to Dremel a path for screws going though the headband (still adjustable)




had to fully get rid of this cut-out, it was hitting the new cable while I was wearing these phones




used some etchant to tone down two tiny pieces of wood to cover the mess at the sides (used clear gloss afterwards)







GMP 25 II final.jpg


... well, they sound quite great for 70s phones... they might not have the same resolution or soundstage as my AKG K701

but I still love the sound of these cans.

This doesn't mean that they have no detail, infact


They outclass my K240s in every way possible...


The mids are good, the tremble not as harsh as my K701 but still quite a presence.

Less bass impact than my K240s, well this is no surprise, but the there is plenty of bass.


So they sound a bit  ~smiley-EQ-ish~


They sound pretty allround no major downsides besides the, compared to the K701 :D , small soundstage.

Sounds similar to the Sennheiser HD 580 I once owned. A bit slow though.


I guess these are fun phones to listen too, as I grew quite fond of 'em in no time... I really like these cans. redface.gif

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Great job! I'm glad you fund the Beyer pads to fit.

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Very interesting post, and great pictures! Thanks for taking the time to do this for us. I wish I could listen to those.

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I should have never touched these phones... I can't seem to find any joy while listening to my K701 anymore... I hope this will change when I finally finish building my m³AMP...
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Hi.. nice to have found your thread.. as I found some PMB 25 II to buy.. and I also have a Sansa Clip (bunt not +).. Do they sound ok trough the Clip? If possible please share some more of your recent findings. Are they ok for listening while walking?

I await impatiently your answers. Thank you!

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Please accept my apologies for bumping an old thread!


I posted on Facebook asking for some info about refurbishing a pair of MB PMB 45II headphones (a label on the box is dated 01/01/1987) which I liked, but the ear pads had rotted away. A friend found this thread (thanks Chris!) and posted it, so here I am.


My headphones appear to be in excellent condition (if we ignore the ear cushions). No issues with cables or similar. However, I still have to check the foam inside the housings.


I'll update as I go along - hopefully parts are still available!



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Hi RoBernd,


I was wondering if you had the catalog or reference number for the Beyerdynamic replacement pads? I have a Dual DK720 and it would seem that the earpads are the same, or close enough. Please let me know. Thanks and best regards,



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