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Free to a Good Home: FF: Blackbird fly, 35mm film TLR.

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Free to a Good Home:
FF: Blackbird fly, 35mm film TLR.

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Please, write a few words on why you want it.


P.S. I can throw in slide or print film.

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Me, me, me!  Because it looks like a TON of fun as I am learning to use my new eos-3 35mm camera.  Besides, I will threaten to buy the digital knock-off of Rolleiflex otherwise floatsmile.png

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I would totally love the opportunity to play around with this camera. I am a  broke photo major and have been looking to explore the medium more now that I have learned the ins and outs of slr cameras.

Thanks for the opportunity either way, and congrats to whomever does end up with it, the camera looks like a fun one.

(P.S. if i do end up with it I wouldn't need the film unless it was taking up space in your home, considering I have pounds of 35mm slide and print film in the fridge. now)

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The Blackbird has flown. 


Jon, it looks like you are going to have to make good on your threat.

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