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trafomatic experience head one opinions needed

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Hey folks,

I'm thinking of maybe purchasing this amp. I have the possibility to audition it, which I will, but it's quite far way so I thought I'd get some opinions here before I decide whether to go for it. I'm specially interested in folks that listened to both this amp and lehmann black cube, naim headline + hicup, x-fidelity V8 - M1. Those are the amps I've listened to, so I can have a reference regarding sound.

From reading around the forums I understand that it's a good value/money amp, and that he's more transistor like in his sound then most tube amps. The shameful truth is that I didn't actually owned (or even listened) to any pure tube amps (not hybrid) before, not a lot of choice around of where I live. So maybe I'm interested in it just for the sake of experementing with tube sound, but if its sound is very transistor like then what's the point ... I don't know. I'd appreciate any help, especially from people who own/ed this amp. My headphones are HD800 and current amp is lehmann black cube linear.

Thanks in advance.

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Well it does make some things in a different way to the solid state amps I tried. I also have small experience with tube amps for the very same reason. Those that are available are generally priced into oblivion. It seem to do what people claim good tube amps generally do. It has a safe place in my collection thus and will probably stay there for decades to come hopefully. Tube rolling is limited if it´s a bad or good thing depends. Tube rolling is the equivalent of EQ but seems to be more accepted at these parts despite being more expensive. The tubes cost 30$ each to replace so they are certainly not cheap.


I haven´t heard any of the amps listed or the HD 800 but in general if you are looking for something more full bodied and softer that is generally what the Head One does. It´s the last of the amps to ever be harsh or bright but it´s really not that coloured. Do sound very natural to my ears and while not as detailed as my Goldpoint Headphone Pro for example still quite detailed and with good dynamics.




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The Head One does not sound transistor like, It is a real tube amp. The difference with most other tube amps is that it never runs out of breath, it has enough power for any headphones you plug in. High or low impedance, doesn't matter. 

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