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It's been another week, and I still have not heard back from anyone on the status of my order (impressions and UE18 Pro's sent in already).  I am getting worried... 

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Dear Kozee Customers,


I want to directly address an issue of delay for orders, email response, and processing.  First and foremost, I would like to apologize for any inconvenience that a delay with one or more of these issues has caused.  All reasons/excuses aside, this has been unsettling for most of you out there and understandably so.  Please know despite any issue of delay, we do care for our customer's orders, replies, and inquiries full-heartedly.  Admittedly, as a start up company we were not well enough prepared for the influx of orders generated through head-fi.  I cannot express in words how appreciative we are for them, so please understand how busy we are processing these orders.  We are not only reaching out to Kozee customers through this post, but will do everything we can to address all emails individually as well.


We are currently undergoing an overhaul on our order processing.  We are doing this so we have a better way to serve you.  For all current and past customers, we have inefficiently processed orders and requests resulting in this current delay.  From this point on we will have extra hands at Kozee to help with a quicker and better order. As a new company, as with anything in life, you learn as you go.  For us, we learned our process of helping customers could use a lot of work, which is exactly what we're fixing... we just learned it the hard way.  Please know, we do care very much and want to serve you the best we can in any way possible!  I cannot reiterate enough how sorry we are for these delays.  We have a lot of plans for the future, some that you may have heard about and some that are still under wraps, but all which are very exciting!!  With our new way of order processing we can guarantee a smoother order from start to finish.




Adam Palmquist

Kozee Sound Solutions

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Thank you for the re-assurance.  However, it's been more than a month since I sent in my molds and UE18 Pro's.  Could you please let me know when I can expect to have them back?  I am also wondering what custom art is available, as I believe you mentioned you were going to have an artist re-draw what I sent.  If it is too difficult, I can submit another piece of work.



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I have sent Kozee Solutions 3 similar emails over the past 2 weeks and there hasn't been a reply. I just got Adams email on the first page and tried emailing him. Hope that works. I am an international customer and it's hard to get things going if they don't reply to answer questions about how to go around ordering. Hope he replies.
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