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Originally Posted by Ultrainferno View Post

I had a good time guys. Sorry I had to leave early.

Hope you enjoyed the rest of the beer and minicakes ;)


Thanks Paaj for having us!

oww, you brought some of that


Sorry, we were late offcourse, I've missed that, thanks:)


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You're welcome. I wasn't the only one who brought stuff, so thanks everyone

Looking forward to Deep funks notes and to the picture (my camera was dead, ofcourse...)


More about the meet later, I'm off to bed :)

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I am celebrating this Sunday with James Brown & The JB's' "Funky Drummer" (Long Version) with the Pioneer Monitor 10 Proglover did not like. I gave the Pioneer a bit of burn in with a new set up (Discmans are convenient).


Drosera, thanks for making me a temporarily chocolate addict. I now really want to modify my DT48E... 


Henk, the HD800 and R10 were a pleasure, the HF2 was just a party to listen toowink.gif


Proglover, may the cMoy be of use. The Pioneer will certainly be, I am a happy listener.


Ultrainferno, the HD600 was a pleasant surprise. 


Paaj, thanks for everything.


Za... (sorry the name slipped my mind), it was fun.


Now where shall I post my notes, new thread?

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I think the impressions need to be placed in another sub-forum, so I've opened a thread for the impressions: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/546462/dutch-meeting-impressions-march-27th-2011#post_7366875


Great to have you all here, I had a great time and some good listens. Don't worry about the money, you all making the trip, bringing great stuff and the successful meeting are worth much more ... though donations towards an O2 are always welcome :D

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Deep Funk, may the Monitor 10 be of use to you. Please mind, you actually got this as a gift from Evandro. It was already his, but when he heard you wanted it, he insisted I'd give it to you on his behalf. And you, thanks for your cMoy.


Drosera, thanks for your fantastic brownies, which were indeed the best ones I've tasted, a real treat!


Paaj thanks for hosting this, please thank you uncle (it's your uncle i think?) again for welcoming at his basement and doing this for the 2nd time. Thanks to you both!


Henk, thanks for the ride, the nice conversations we had about cans (I've learned a lot) and offcourse for the opportunity to listen to R10, HD800, K1000, O2, K701 and those nice amps


And to everyone offcourse, thanks for the stuff you brought and for your nice company. It was very nice to spend some time with people who actually understand the crazy thing we have for headphones and there ampage.


Salute (proost), to the head-fi meet! I'll post some can impressions in the other topic tomorrow.


ps. thanks for NOT making a picture while I was wearing a HD800 the other way around, lol:P

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Damn you head-fi meet; just bought this: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/546441/audio-technica-ath-w5000 



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Hey, Now I am curious who brought the k1000? @henk did you bring your l3000 this time around? Greetings, Anouk,

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That would be me with the K1000 and no, the L3000 stayed at home this time.

And there was much more to listen to. Whole rigs, heaps of cans and lots of music ...

Time to shift to the imperessions thread !)

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