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Oh that would be great!! Thank you ApatN for the gentle heads-up!!

January is on a too short notice for me. February and March (except for the 6th in March) would be totally great; Sundays preferred otherwise I can't make it.


That's been awhile; I've been out of the Head-Fi a bit, still listening just not spending money on gear, but have started a bit again as of late. It would be awesome meeting you all!

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Maybe Jude or an admin can make a list of BeNeLux headfi members to pm?

Just a thaught.

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I sent a couple of PMs to people who were actively planning the last meet from the top of my head. :-)


I think January is too soon, too. February should be do-able though I am completely fine with March, too. I hope we can work something out. It would be fun to meet you all!

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No problems with availability in the visible future so I'm probably in, bringing my Stax gear + ESW10


There doesn't seem to be a place yet? I'm sure I can put you all in the basement like last time: Soest-Zuid at half an hour distance from Utrecht. 

If needed I'm sure we can get the living room too, given my mom's boyfriend is there to attend. He liked it last time and felt sorry he could only be there for a minute, missing all the fun. 


I'm not really actively checking head-fi so may be slow to respond, but I'll make sure to activate email notices.

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Oh, I remember your basement. Such a great place for a meet!

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thanks apatN for mailing some of the old gang!


about the place, we do have a place as an option (discussed on page 1 of this threat, post no7), but Soest could also be an option, since it's maybe better possible to go to for our Belgian friends. Both are fine by me.


We'll see which cans I'll bring. Since I'm going by train, can't bring them all with me I think.


march is a good idea maybe, it's already februari before you know it

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Bring the d7000's at least smily_headphones1.gif
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This meet could be fun... 

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Originally Posted by paaj View Post

Bring the d7000's at least smily_headphones1.gif

offcourse (don't have them here yet, there being shipped to me from US at the moment, I hope Mr.Taxman is nice to them.....)


HF-2's probably, T50's for sure, will need them during the train ride. One positive thing: cans are not very heavy.


We need amps also though.

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Originally Posted by Proglover View Post

HF-2's probably

"Probably" won't do, we need them for sure! biggrin.gif


I'll bring my camera along for nice pictures of all headphones as a compensation for my probably-not-so-impressive-head-fi-gear! wink.gif

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Okay, I didn't know there was a nice amount of interest all of the sudden...


I'm going to set four dates (there's 8, but ignore that, I'm making a random choice here), two in February and two in March. I know there's a few people who would like to have a meet nearer to the Southern border - if we can find a location I'm all for it, but I want to gauge interest for a meet in Almere right now - sorry guys! ;) If someone has a venue we can use, please mention it.


Here's the dates. Anyone who is interested, please mention which ones work for you. I need to know how many people (and rigs) are interested before I make a final decision to really pursue this.


Feb 13

Feb 27


Mar 6

Mar 20


I'll get to seeing if these dates are available as soon as possible. Also, a quick shout to anyone who has experience hosting meets: Please tell me what things I need to have and do, so I can make appropriate plans. Thanks!

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all these dates are fine with me, maybe 6/20 march is smartest, gives us some time to arrange things


Storm, I'll bring the HF-2's, you bring those SR325's. I can also bring SR225's, but if someone else can bring those, I can bring something else instead.

Looking forward to a nice Grado comparison.


Someone with RS1's out there?


I can also bring the E7/E9 combo, it's small. E9 can power a lot of cans actually, the combo is a DAC, works well with possible notebooks...

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Amplifiers? The preamp on my Behringer powers every headphone I have with ease. Amplifier only is something else otherwise a CD-player with integrated amplifier and headphone out works too. The dates are fine for now.


Who here has ever heard the DT48? I recently purchased one...

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didn't hear DT48's yet

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Thanks Nick for letting me know about this possible meet. I myself am not too active on head-fi anymore (it has become quite too commercial and unaccessible for my tastes, but it would still be lovely to meet some enthousiasts again. I dont really want to meddle with the bothersome head-fi website but could someone maybe round up the old meet thread from 2009 and see if we can write some of the other people who participated then? Or did you already do this Nick?
I think we should at least write to hifi.nl the more people and gear the merrier imho.
I dont have much head-fi gear anymore either. Maybe we should involve Hans from qables. His shop is in eidnhoven so maybe a bit better located for international people. I know he organized a meet two years ago. Obviously he has lots of headphones and amps.
I am not sure if he would be interested now but we could always try.
Greetings, Anouk,

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