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2011 Meet in the Netherlands: March 27th, Soest!

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Is there any interest in a meet in Holland perhaps?


I would love to meet some head-fi fans in this area.



2011 Meet in the Netherlands: 27 march, Soest


People and stuff:

AT W5000
Luxman P-1u
Audio-gd Compass
Beyer DT48e x 3
AKG K500
AKG K270
AKG K240 sextett ep/mp
AT W100
Audio-gd Ref1 DAC
CI Audio VDA2/VAC1
Stax SRM-T1W
Stax 4070
Stax SR404LE
Magnepan MMG
WooAudio WEE
Senn HE60
Deep Funk
Philips SBC HP1000
Pioneer Monitor 10R
Philips N6330 (Sextett clone!)
AKG K240 DF?
Sennheiser PX200 II
Little Dot V
Behringer SRC2496 (DAC + amplifier)
Sony D-33 Discman
Clip +
Mod DT880
Buffalo 32S DAC
Yuin G1a???
Fiio E7/E9
Neco Soundlab Mosfet
Joe Presto
AKG K340
AKG K400
Beyer DT990/600
Senn HD600
AT M50
MavAudio D1 DAC & A1 Amp: Maybe if they haven't been sold by then
Headstage Arrow 12HE
Tascam US-122L 

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I'm interested!

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Originally Posted by Ultrainferno View Post

I'm interested!

offcourse we could make that a Belgian-Dutch meet:)

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Randstad in the house! Count me in if we can agree on time and place.


My regards,


Deep Funk

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I could probably find a day where I can borrow a reasonably large room (about a hundred people if so required, though power might become an issue then) some day. I'm in Almere, and while the venue wouldn't be excessively easy to reach it is reasonably close to a bus station and there's ample parking.


Power might be an issue if we do put 100 people in there, but I don't say we absolutely have to. I guess some good extension cables would be able to do it.


OP, do you have a venue in mind, and if so, where and how big?

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I would not expect that many people. 

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I would be glad with 20-30 people coming, very glad

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I know. But OP, do you have a venue in mind?


Also, no promises yet. Don't know if I have the time to arrange anything.

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Originally Posted by ZarakiSan View Post

I know. But OP, do you have a venue in mind?



No no, nothing in mind yet. No experience with a meet also, just wanted to check if there's some interest. All ideas all welcome:)

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I want to do a bit of research on the matter for now, so I'm just going to list some things.


Requirements for a meet of any size (and I could scale the venue down for 15 people if neccessary) are simply ample power and a quiet setting. Power issues notwithstanding, I can arrange that much. I could even split the venue into a room to talk in and a room to listen in, the listening room being bigger than the other, and the venue has its own bar.


What else does a meet require? I can unfortunately not supply an Internet connection (it is very close to a cell tower, though, so excellent 3G-reception), but chairs, tables, that sort of thing should be no issue. I also have access to a gas-powered heater if such a thing can be arranged during the winter still.


I think we should make a list of people who are interested and dates they can go on. I'm just going to name all the Saturdays and Sundays in January and February for now, I'm not sure if all or even any of those are available, but I want to see how much interest there is for now. Please opt-in for dates you expect to be available:


Jan 8

Jan 9

Jan 15

Jan 16

Jan 22

Jan 23

Jan 29

Jan 30

Feb 5

Feb 6

Feb 12

Feb 13

Feb 19

Feb 20

Feb 26

Feb 27


And I'll see what I can do. If you have any suggestions, tips, all that, let me know. I'm gonna see about what dates I can use the venue.

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Some good ideas:)


I think one thing that is important, for the Belgians, is it do-able to meet in Almere or do we need to search for a place more in the south of Netherlands or north of Belgium?


Have to say it sounds very good though, this place, it has all we need. I don't see why we would need internet, we need power, music sources, amps and headphones. Maybe something to eat and drink.


What we also need, is a little bit more people than 6 who are interested:P

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We could ask some older Dutch Head-Fi-members. In the old Head-Fi you could still find the groups and there was a Dutch group. 

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Almere isn't exactly next to the border of Belgium, no.


go to http://maps.google.com and enter:


From Antwerpen, Flemish Region, Belgium to Meerveldstraat, Almere, The Netherlands


That\s pretty much the route from Antwerpen. It's certainly doable and it's about as far away in time and distance as Groningen is, so I don't see much of a problem there...


Edit: then again, Antwerpen is really close to the Dutch border...


I'm going to try and find out where some of the older head-fi members in the Netherlands are.


Also, wouldn't it be good to see if people on hifi.nl can be told about the event? There are bound to be a few enthusiasts there, who don't always read or don't ever read things on head-fi. Or should we keep this restricted to head-fi members?

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