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Wow I just received my ATH-AD700 and I'm so disappointed, how big of a head do you need to have for them to fit. These thing are so loose that i can't move my head without them falling. Any trick to save me having to ship them cross country to get something else. I love the sound of them just not the fit

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My head is about average size I believe.


The loose fit bothered me at first but I grew to like it. I can't imagine headphones being anymore comfortable than these. The only time it is ever a problem is if I drop something and I have to bend over to pick it up. Otherwise they are just right for home listening. I would never want to wear them if I were moving though.

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Thanks, tryed it and love it, yay I get to keep them

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I tried that mod before and it actually works! my cousin was worried about the fit on his 700's too.

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