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Been a while since I've checked in on here - so only just read your post from December..
Michal, I think it's clear from all the feedback on here and in my humble opinion - that the D-2000's do need driving by an amp to get the best from them.
I almost never use them without them either being plugged straight into my big, heavy custom MOSFET amp, or more often into the Graham Slee Voyager...
The Voyager does not get much press on here as it's a) British b) Looks a bit clunky c) Not made in volume - but sound wise, I really, really rate it.
If you ever get the chance - try one that's been burned in... You'll struggle to beat it unless you pay much, much more.
Being a big Led Zep fan, I too like big, good, clean, punchy and deep bass, without it becoming too boomy or dominant.
I reckon I get that with the D2000's and the Graham Slee Voyager from my sources...
That last comment should emphasise that you must not forget that the source of your sound is key too - so use Lossless files where you can, good short cabling to the amp, and from a good DAC.
Normally my D2000's are used with an iMod 5.5 from Red Wine Audio (Wolfson chipset) and the Voyager, with a short iMod cable.
When at home and hooked up for a serious session, I use the MOSFET driven from DVD-Audio or AAC Lossless files into a high-end Naim DAC, but then I might choose my Sennheisers ....
(Oh, and before anyone states the obvious - yes, the Naim DAC has a headphone socket, but it's not as good as it should be IMHO, hence why I take the output from the Amp. Far better)