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Originally Posted by RPGWiZaRD View Post

And concidering the music he mentioned I think it would be better suited with headphones with more upper bass focus than low, D2000 seems to be tiny bit on the boomier side and D1100 quite balanced or possibly tiny bit on the punchier side when we're talking deep/upper bass emphasize. D2000's type of bass usually suits better with electronica/dubstep etc while Rock usually sounds better with a stronger upper bass and not overly strong deep bass.

Are you saying I should look for a different pair?


I listen to:

El Ten Eleven

Crystal Castles

Zion I

Led Zeppelin

Aero Smith

Kid Cudi





Electronic/Spacey music

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I'm leaning towards the D1100s right now.

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Nah I was saying for Rock, the D1100's stronger upper bass might be more suitable.For rap I'd say balanced deep vs upper bass and same for electronica, you want a bit of both. The "Classical" EQ preset could probably also work very well for D1100 with the iPod, should let a bit less bass and more treble out.

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I'm just a noob on this forum, but have both the Denon D1100s and the D2000s.
The D1100s are now relegated to my late night movie watching phones on the Blu Ray-DVD/Plasma TV setup.

As I write this I'm listening to Misty Mountain Hop using the D2000's driven with a Graham Slee Voyager Amp from a 2G Apple iPod Touch. This is my normal set up that I'm really happy with.
Whilst not truly "portable" - I travel a lot, and this kit gets thrown in my suitcase/flight bag, and I'm VERY happy with it.
My music varies from Led Zep, Ray La Montagne, Nickelback to Bach, Bruch and Vivaldi !
All seems catered for with good results without spending an absolute fortune.

Personally I'd go for the D2000's over the D1100's. No contest and easily worth the extra cash.
They do drive fine from an iPod, if perhaps a little brighter and 'thinner' than I'd like. A FiiO E1 improved that a lot, but the real reveleation was the Graham Slee Voyager Amp.
Oh, and having heard the D5000's (I had a pair in a rental apartment in Tokyo for 3 months) they're not that much better unless you do a lot of classical listening from really good sources.

I like great music reproduced faithfully, but I'm not into every little nuance - because I feel that search for perfection gets in the way of the original purpose of what we're doing..
I've found the set up that suits me - perhaps some of what I write here may just help you get closer to a set up that suits you. .. Good luck.
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That actually helps a lot, where would you personally say the D2000 outperforms the D1100 or vice-versa?

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I'll give an opposing view and say that I prefer the D1100 to the D2000. I found the D2000 mids too recessed, and the highs a little strident (out of a Schiit Asgard amp and an Ibasso D4). The D1100, while bassy, has excellent mids that I found good for vocals.

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I can't help but feeling sorry for you RainBRO, you're not making this easy for him. :D


The problem is that there's so many factors that comes into play, different equipment will provide different results and we all have our own prefers how it should sound like. Since you haven't had any previous experience with "real" headphones it certainly doesn't make it easier to give advice either we can only make guesses based on our own and other people's preferences. Whichever you pick, you should get a night and day improvement over the Skullcandies anyway.

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Farmer, how would you also compare the two pairs without the use of an amp?

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RPG, Yeah it definitely is harm making the first move and being short on money because of college, I would like to make the right choice. I'm almost sure I'm going with the D1100's even though I'm not fully happy with the choice (because I feel like in the next year I'll end up wanting the D2000's probably). Not something I can predict though.


Edit: After all, like you said I'm kind of swinging in the dark here with headphones I have no experience with.


Edit 2: Also I'm worried about the comfort of the D1100 compared to the D2000 which I'd assume the D2000 is better.

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The previous poster is right in context, the D1100 is more balanced in the mids, but a less punchy and clear bass in my view than the D2000
That with the E1... or un amped.

Amp both with the Voyager and the transformation affects both.

I can't quote much else - because thats all I've used apart from an expensive homebuilt 120W MOSFET amp that's very flat from 2Hz to 40kHz. Even at the lowest setting, on that it was clear that the 2000's were much more capable than the 1100s. Not very easy to hook up - and certainly not portable with the weight of the two PSUs needing their own fork lift!

With the Voyager after nearly 6 months of use, the 2000 keeps the deep, seemingly bottomless bass, has a nice responsive mid bass and now has a real 'punch' in the mids. The highs are not as strident I find as they have been described.. but perhaps that's my hearing (lots of rifle shooting has affected my high range perception a bit - but not that much!) A very balanced and rounded sound, with a great 'forward' sound stage. Maybe not at the Senn 650 level, but then not at that price either!
The D1100 gets the similar benefit, but the bass is not as bottomless, the mid highs not as clear and the mids a little bit less. Still a good phone though.

I have to say I need a more closed phone, to stop disturbing the other half - I'm an insomniac so listen in bed after she's sacked out. These still leak sound but are much quieter than the open phones. I reckon at this price point though, that these D2000s are as good as many open phones costing almost twice the price.

I'd really consider the D2000's try them with a cheaper FiiO amp, and if you can later upgrade to a Voyager - do - they really work well together.

I'd agree with previous posters though - if you really want to hear what the 2000s are capable of - then you should use a decent Amp.
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Let's reconsider your rationale here.  Either it's the E7/E9 combo for $200 or nothing at all? 

If you are going portable, then all you need is the E5 which is $22.

It has a tiny noise floor, but if you're outside, you're not gonna care. 


Now get whatever headphone you want. 



Originally Posted by rainBRO View Post

I'm just worried about taking the first step into high end headphones. I don't want to end up paying more if something that sounds almost as good is $300 cheaper. I guess looking at it more realistically, I rather spend less. With that said would the D2000's sound better than the D1100's if they are both WITHOUT amps and run from an iPod. I could always add an amp later, I just don't want to sacrifice sound quality now (as well as not being able to reach a good volume). Also I don't want to end up with the D2000's sounding worse than the D1100's if I decide to not buy an amp at all. Any advice on what to do?

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Hmm... let's try like this to try and rule out the bass quantity requirements:


How did you concider the Skullcandy Skullcrushers in bass quantity? Suitable or would you prefer less? I think D1100 should be a bit less in quantity and D2000 a lot less in bass quantity. In one of the reviews here the D1100 was concidered like 3 - 5x times more bassy than the D2000.... Skullcrushers with the bass setting maxed out is probably among the bassiest if not the bassiest headphones around.

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Just for you - have compared the two on the first 60 secs of Norah Jones "Don't know why" plugged straight into the iPod without an Amp.

The 1100s are almost on a par with the 2000s. Less deep bass, but a slightly better mid. Highs OK but not as clear as I'm used to.
The 2000s still have the deep, deep bass, the mid punch is a bit lacking, but the highs are natural and clear.

Just put them both on the same track again with an E1 by FiiO (bypasses iPod volume)

As above but:
1100s are similar with the highs a bit clearer.
The 2000s have the mids back, not to the extent I'm used to but very good and rounded. The rest the same.

On the Voyager, (FiiO L3 cable) same track:
1100s much clearer, and good. Bass lacking in comparison to 2000's and the highs not as clear. Mid range is equal.
2000's good, with Deep fluid bass (the strings of the Double Bass clearly being struck), a punchy and clear mid, and a nice translucent high with incredible detail on her voice. The sound stage less central to my head too.

Phew, a very quick and dirty 12 minute review!
Hope it helps.
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Wait are you saying the D2000 are bassier? Because every1 else have said D1100 to be a lot bassier between the two. It's true D2000 might have deeper bass but D1100 should have much stronger punchy upper bass that has more impact to it.

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D2000's slightly better - both excellent though.
Have been wearing my 2000's for 7 hours this PM and hardly feel that they've been on.
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